Facebook Ads: How to Create a Remarketing Audience

Facebook Ads: How to Create a Remarketing Audience

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How to create the remarketing audience: 0:25

How to access this audience after you set it up: 5:35

What’s up?!?!?!?

In this video, I show you how to simply create a Facebook remarketing audience so that you can target and advertise to people who visited any part of your site, whether it was just the landing page, sales page, thank you page, etc…

Most of the sales are done through remarketing, so of course this is incredibly useful to know how to do. If you still haven’t watched the video on pixel installation, I recommend you watch my 15-minute long video that includes everything you need to know and do to install your pixel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo7ssvzEZ4g&t=25s&index=5&list=PLS46f4aLJ2hPG5J4MiEPg6cd7FRrYScd0). />
OK, now that we have that out of the way… First thing you will need to do is head over to your ‘audience’ tab in the top left corner of your Facebook Ad Manager. You will need to create a ‘custom audience’ first, and you can either import the emails from MailChimp or any other file, or you can just create a list based on people who visited your site. Remember how I mentioned that it’s super important that you install your Facebook pixel on EVERY single one of your pages? Well this is why! You can reach people that visited your website up to 180 days ago, and STILL remarket to them.

So you can either input your entire domain name in the field, or you can click on ‘custom combinations’ to input a specific URL you want to reach, such as only people who visited my landing page, or only the testimonials page… or only BOTH. Just like in the pixel video, do not input the ‘http(s)’, or ‘www’ before the URL, just in case people type something else in that will cause your website to open.

You also have the option of targeting people that visited a specific page but not others, such as if they visited my landing page for example, but NOT my sales page. Especially useful if I have a different page for every type of product I am selling. Creating such an audience is also incredibly useful for creating lookalike audiences, which we will create in the next video.

You would need at least 20 people in that audience for it to show green and be usable. But if you want to access and use the audience to target, you can go back to your power editor, go to your ad set, and in the targeting field, you should have an option to select an audience, a custom audience, or a lookalike audience. Click on the ‘custom audience’ tab and click on the new audience that you have created. That should be it for your remarketing!

That’s it!

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Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video!

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