Facebook Ads: How to Create a Video Views Facebook Ad

Facebook Ads: How to Create a Video Views Facebook Ad

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How to make a video views campaign on Facebook: 0:43

How to retarget people who viewed some portion of your video: 13:26

Hey all!!

In this video, I guide you step-by-step as we create a Facebook video views ad. This follows pretty much the exact same process as for all the other campaigns we have created, but it does contain some additional cool perks and ways to create, such as having an optional call to action button and being able to retarget to people who have seen either 3 seconds, 10 seconds, 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of your video.

So the first thing we will need to do is click on ‘create campaign’. I like to name my campaign whatever item it is I am promoting followed by the campaign objective – video views in this case, so that when we split test different campaign objectives against each other, it will be easy to see which one is which.

Next, we need to name our ad set – I like to name it based on the ad set distinctions, ie. gender, location, interest group, and age. This is again, so that when we split test our Facebook ad sets later on, we can quickly differentiate between them.

Last but not least, we need to create an ad title. I just name it ‘ad 1’ since you can see what campaign and ad set each ad belongs to already, so don’t need to get too creative here.

Now that we have done all of that, we need to actually fill in the blanks in each of those departments – ad set and ad.

For the ad set, just fill in everything the way you normally would – a $5 budget (you really don’t need any more than that to start testing) starting early next morning (so that Facebook can optimize your money best). I would usually leave the age 18+ and let Facebook optimize everything themselves, unless it’s a niche such as lawyers, where you probably won’t get 18 year old lawyers. Select the gender most likely to buy/interact with your products based on the audience insights research, and select the interest group. This isn’t an extensive video on proper research for your interest group, but as a rule of thumb, I would select something between 50k-600k people. Make sure to edit placements to be in news feed only so we can test it out first (we can expand later if our ads are successful) and don’t change anything else. All the other settings at the end are fine as they are.

Last but not least, we need to finalize our ad. Simply upload your video, and put in your text – that’s pretty much it. I would recommend you add captions as that can act as an extra attention-grabber. You also have the option of adding a call-to-action button with additional headline text. This isn’t mandatory, but may work in some cases. You just need to checkmark the box saying ‘add website URL’ and add your website you are promoting with the additional text. If you decide NOT to have this option AFTER you already set it up, simply delete the website URL you put in – uncheckmarking the box again will create an error message.

But that’s basically it for creating the video views ad!

Now I can show you how you can actually retarget to people that watched a portion of your video.

You will need to go into your audience tab at the top, and click on ‘create new audience’. From here on, you can target people based on engagement, and video views engagement in particular. You can select whether you want to target people who watched either 3 seconds, 10 seconds, 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of your video! Just upload your video, select the option, pick the time range, and name your audience, and you should be golden!

Now, when you go back into power editor and into the ad set level, you should be able to go into the audience section and pick out that custom audience that you created to retarget!

That’s it!

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