Facebook Ads: How to Create Your First Campaign

Facebook Ads: How to Create Your First Campaign

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In this video, I show you how to create your first campaign/ad set/ad in Facebook, just like we did in our Google AdWords series (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PgkIyKhBjw&index=1&list=PLS46f4aLJ2hNH0RJi21DWAXeCdCT1Lhy6&t=25s). You can either make your first campaign using your personal account, or using a Business Facebook account, which we will delve into in the next video. For the purposes of creating a simple first ad, we will be creating it from our main account.

What you will have to do is click on little drop down menu on the top-right of your Facebook and click on ‘create ad’. This will take you directly to the ad menu and list all the steps required to create an ad and walk you through the campaign, ad set, and ad creation process.

Our first step is to create the campaign in Facebook. The campaigns all differ based on their ‘objective’, which is literally the goal you set for your campaign – is it create just brand awareness so that your brand is simply known to everyone, or is it to generate leads/conversions? You can select your option here. You may also be wondering why it is that ‘traffic’ and ‘conversions’ are two separate goals – isn’t the point of traffic to generate conversions? Well not necessarily – Facebook has so much customer information, that if you select ‘conversions’ as the traffic objective, it will actually optimize your campaigns by reaching those people that are most likely to convert – not just click on your ads. However, you MUST be able to insert a pixel if this is what you are doing, but do not be alarmed, it is incredibly easy to do and we will go over it in a later tutorial.

You can also check the ‘split test’ button and that will allow you to create a split test on the spot when creating your ad set. Do not worry – even if you do not select it, you will be able to duplicate and split test your ads after you create them.

Your next step will be to create your ad sets in Facebook. Ad sets differ from each other based on the demographics of your audience, location, and interests. You can also set the bid, budget, and device/placement preference here. We will go over into audience insights in a later tutorial as well, so for now just input anything relevant to your product into the ‘detailed targeting’ field, as that is a large portion of what makes Facebook ads so darn effective, and is a study in and of itself.

Your last step after you create the ‘ad set’ in Facebook is to create the ad. Here you would input the ad copy, images, videos, links, whatever it is you have that makes your ad go round and round! Here is where your copywriting skills would come in handy. Ads differ solely based on your image/videos you put up and the ad copy, so you can duplicate these and split test the different results those provide.

That’s it!

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  1. My facebook doesn't have the "create ad" button and the campaign page looks completely different. I assume facebook changed the layout for this since we are in 2020, right?

  2. Hi Ivan, Would you me in knowing what is the difference in Affiliate link (for product promotion) and what is of campaign use . Is campaign also work as affiliate link of product which we create .

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