Facebook Ads: How to Spy on Your Competitors

Facebook Ads: How to Spy on Your Competitors

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Summary of my 2 ways to see competitors’ ads: 0:06

Swiped.co: 0:45

Adespreso.com: 2:51

Adicted.io: 4:03

The other way to track competitors: 6:30

The 3 sites are… as you may have already seen from the table of contents – swiped.co, adespresso.com, and adicted.io. This is the first way that I use to track my competitors and see what types of ads they are running. Swiped.co is more detailed with information than the other 2, as it also contains an overview of the whole funnel and explains what makes the ad stand out and why it’s working. I usually go by the number of engagements on those posts to determine whether they are worth analyzing or not. The most successful ads will be the ones with the highest number of likes/comments/shares/etc… since ads that are unsuccessful most likely won’t stay up for long.

I personally use adicted.io the most since it has the largest library of competitors. I review the ad copy, headline, text, etc… and see what it is they are using that’s working for them. Are they targeting a certain element of their brand that appeals to the majority? What is it that they are using that seems to get through to the audience? These are some of the questions I ask as I scroll through the different ad copies.

The other approach I use to see the direction my competitors are taking is just screenshotting their ads I see anywhere and pasting them into my PowerPoint file. There are ads you will see from different websites you go to, and if you can add them all together and see them all in one, that makes it pretty convenient.

In addition, as you go through your Facebook newsfeed (the only time using Facebook can be actually useful), you may stumble upon your competitors ads as well. I click on the little button on the top right hand corner which says ‘why am I seeing this ad’, and am able to see why that ad is presented to me – what age group, location, and possible interests were targeted. Sometimes, you will be able to take those interests for yourself! However most of the time, you will see that those businesses are targeting lookalike audiences, which doesn’t give you much information. However, you can still take a screenshot of the ad and keep it in your file to see and compare with the others!

That’s it!

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