Facebook Ads Tutorial 2021 – How To Create Facebook Ads For Beginners [COMPLETE GUIDE]

Facebook Ads Tutorial 2021 – How To Create Facebook Ads For Beginners [COMPLETE GUIDE]

Here is a quick facebook ads tutorial 2021 for you on how to use Facebook ads if you’re just getting started. So let’s say it’s a step-by-step Facebook ads setup for beginners in 2021. I will walk through the Facebook ads manager and show you how to set up your first Facebook ads campaign and explain each of the different options.

Make sure to stay till the end because I will show you the best way to structure your Facebook ad copy to identify your target market and weed out those people who are not in your ideal target market.

If you are a business owner using Facebook, want to start your own business, or want to start helping other businesses leverage Facebook ads then this is a good place to start to nail down some of the basics when it comes to advertising your business the right way.


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0:00 Introduction
2:47 Facebook ad statistics
8:25 Set Up Business Manager
12:06 Create Business Page
15:06 Create Ad Account
16:30 Add ad payment info
17:57 Ad Manager
19:31 Ad campaign setup
22:27 Ad set setup
23:59 Create Your Audience
27:53 Ad placements
29:14 Ad setup/ creative


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  1. Hello Emmanuel, please I want to understand this; the 'Franklin Emmanuel Consulting' you entered while creating your 'Business Manager Account on this Tutorial' is it an already exiting name on your Facebook Business Account or one can enter any name while creating a 'Business Manager Account'?

  2. Hello mr Franklin, I just followed this same process of Facebook ads as you directed but my account got disabled instead. I don’t know what I did wrong. Plss help🙏

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