Facebook Ads: What Happened to Affinity Score and How to Research Interests Now

Facebook Ads: What Happened to Affinity Score and How to Research Interests Now

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What was the affinity score?: 0:10

Why I think the affinity score was super useful: 1:23

Why so much irrelevant information is showing up now: 3:06

How I do the research now without affinity score: 4:45

Hey all!

In this video, I share with you my thoughts on the affinity score tool that is now removed from the Facebook audience insights… It was basically a column that was present previously under the ‘page likes’ tab in audience insights which showed you how much more likely was the group that you input on the left hand side was to like the Facebook page listed as compared to EVERYONE on Facebook.

Despite what others may have said, I think this was incredibly useful for two reasons – 1) it actually provided useful information…. when you type ANYTHING into the audience insights tool now, you will get ‘related pages’ to be things like Amazon, Walmart, and Tasty… I mean really…? With the affinity score, the amount of work you had to do to get your research started was far, far, less. 2) the affinity score actually gave you a good rule of thumb when doing research, such as anything over 30x affinity score is good to use as an interest group, and anything over 50x is a ‘goldmine’. Now, everything is sorted by relevance, ie. rank, and you still have no idea whether even the first option is actually relevant, and BY HOW MUCH more relevant than the other options. And of course, this ties in to the previous point where the options aren’t even related. All this just requires more work.

And the reason for why it shows so much irrelevant content now is that Facebook ranks relevance based on the actual NUMBER of people that like your page in addition to the page listed, NOT the percentage of people. So basically if there is a group called ‘let’s poop’ with 10000000 billion members, and 100 million of those like any single page that you put into the audience insights interest spot, this will be considered the most relevant group (if 100 million will be higher than all the other group interests)! This is why things like Walmart and Tasty pretty much always show up – they have the higher number of engaged users on Facebook, so obviously most of them are also in other groups… It would be more relevant if you actually sort your related interests by total Facebook audience starting from lowest to highest, so that you can capture those groups that have the higher PERCENTAGE of related likes.

Anyway, now that we got all that out of the way, let me show you the workaround to this. You will basically simply be using the Power Editor recommended suggestions to base your research on. Even though this now requires more work and you still need to research those pages, the good news is that everything Power Editor recommends for you is actually available to use as a target audience – compared with the previous way where some great and related groups you saw were simply not available for targeting for some reason.

So what I like to do is actually keep a notepad open at all times and separate my list into 2 parts – the ‘test’ interest group and the ‘confirmed’ interest group. As I go through the list of suggestions from the Power Editor, I jot down those groups that are roughly between 50-600k into my ‘test’ section of the notepad. These are the groups that I will then insert into the audience insights tool and do some research on to make sure the group is still alive, people are engaged, and they have some propensity to spend.

After I do this and find groups that are related and good to target, I place them in my ‘confirmed’ list and use these groups to actually target. I can also ‘save’ my audience directly on the audience insights tool with all the specifications I put in right away (such as females only, ages 25-44), rather than have to put all of them into Power Editor when actually creating the ad set.

But this is how you would basically do your research now with the affinity score gone!

That’s it!

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