Facebook Advertising Tips  – 3 MORE Powerful Facebook Ads Secrets for Success

Facebook Advertising Tips – 3 MORE Powerful Facebook Ads Secrets for Success

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Do you need even more powerful facebook advertising secret tips to start seeing a nicer return on investment for your business?

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Well this presentation is going to help you out BIG TIME. Once you learn these next 3 terrific facebook ads secrets for success you will be closer to your goal of success!

This wIll be a continuation from part 1 so we will start with….

#4 Spend the Bulk of Your Time on Headlines and Images

There are lots of things to learn with facebook advertising but the most important thing to really get down is creating headlines to go along with great images.

When your propects are scrolling through facebook they are not on there to look for your product generally. They are there to connect with friends and family that they know already.

So your facebook ad will need a great headline and image to make them stop scrolling and pay attention to you!

Your ad could say something like FREE offer or some kind of benefit that most of your customer base would find appealing and worth checking out! When users see your ADs they should think this is awesome and I want to learn more NOW!

Your image should be compelling and dynamic. The image should emphasis whatever you are offering. So if you are giving away a FREE discount code you might want a picture of the item or coupon image to quickly cover what you are offering to them.

When it comes your headlines make sure to emphasize a benefit or benefits that the action taker would receive in return.
People mostly act on something when they feel it can give them a good feeling or some sense of relief from an ongoing issue / problem that they are having.

You can even mention something about your offer being time sensitve to really give that sense of urgency. People hate missing out on a good deal. So if you mention that the offer is up in a few days or hours they will act a lot faster generally

#5 Create Social Proof FIRST

What is social proof? This is where you can cleary show that others have liked or benefited from your business or cause. When new prospects see that you already have happy customers then they are way more likely to take a chance on you. No one likes being the first one to try something out. They want to know that others have done it first before investing time or money in an experience.

So how do you go about creating or demonstrating social proof on facebook? Well there are a number of ways. You can share pics of past happy customers and testimonials.

One of the best ways is to create a fan page or business page and encourage your current customers to engage with you on it. You can ask them to go like your page and leave a comment talking about their experience with your business.

You can make a special post where you show a video about your company and offer a special offer like a $50 gift card to the best person who likes the post, Tags a few friends and likes the page.

When they tag a friend this will introduce new people to the page and they will see all the good customer reviews and this will encourage them to try your business out.

You can then boost this post with facebook ads to show to more people and gather even more attention for your business. Once new people see all the comments and likes this will encourage them to leave comments and likes and this will grow on it’s on.

#6 Take Advanatge of Video Marketing on Facebook NOW!!!

So most people know that youtube is the biggest video social media website in the world. Facebook knows this too and wants to grab a piece of this action for itself.

As of late they have been pushing videos harder on their platform. One way this is being done is with facebook ads. A business now can pay pennies on the dollar for video views through facebook ads.

So you could get 1000s of views on facebook for your company video which might have costed lots more on youtube or other places online.

So when you pay for an ad with video ….as your prospects are scrolling through their newsfeed your video will autoplay and catch their attention. if the video is good enough they will stop and watch the whole thing.

Hopefully they decide to take action on your offer at the end. Video marketing is very powerul and most people prefer to watch videos versus reading texts.

Don’t be the last person to take advanatage of this cheap and effective way of marketing via facebook ads.

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