Facebook Lead Ads: Complete Facebook Lead Ads Tutorial

Facebook Lead Ads: Complete Facebook Lead Ads Tutorial

Facebook Lead Ads: Complete Facebook Lead Ads Tutorial
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10 thoughts on “Facebook Lead Ads: Complete Facebook Lead Ads Tutorial”

  1. Hey Jason, where are you starting from to create your ad? I going through my business page but all the steps you're taking are different than mine plus no where can I create the form you did.

  2. It was great pleasure to see i am 60+ not much awareness about FB pages/groups to use as business. But now nothing left for me to do because of COVID-19.

    I watch you its help me I created FB page and group to sale some cloths . My page is active and group is on now BUT I am not able to add one button on my FB page and not able to offer my group member , as some one else offering on their group to all there members that button, its shown as GET OFFER when any one press that button its open on small window and a leading form appears on screen and than client fill that form (3 pages) and submit online ( I believe that form link to some where and collect information and sent to seller by email or by FB messenger not sure )

    I like to have same form and button would you help me ? Please explain step by step or please make a small vedio thank you.

    For reference: that FB group is Ut-Fitter Online Shopping where I seen it that button (Get offer)

    I hope you give me right direction i need to work from home . Need your help

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