First Year Amazon FBA Sales & PROFITS – Honest Results from ONE Product

First Year Amazon FBA Sales & PROFITS – Honest Results from ONE Product

In this video Travis Marziani shares his Amazon FBA journey and story where he made $370,000 in revenue his first year. He shares his failures, successes and lessons and goes through his profits, expenses and tactics on how to overcome Amazon’s private label hurdles. We talk about cashflow issues, launching new products and more … enjoy!

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10 thoughts on “First Year Amazon FBA Sales & PROFITS – Honest Results from ONE Product”

  1. to win a free call make sure to subscribe .. click the bell πŸ”” and the thumbs up πŸ‘ and come back next vid to see if you won πŸ™‚ hope you enjoy this one! worked extra hard on it … do you want more videos like this one or stick to videos where I share step by step strategies??

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  2. Hey Samer,

    Just wanted to ask if using a 2 step url from h10 gems in fb manychat as opposed to search find buy would work just as well. This way we can save on ppc costs as we are unlikely to have an organic ranking.

  3. Hi Samer, thanks for your video. I live in Montreal and I am also an engineer. I am looking to start an Amazon business. Maybe we can keep meet or chat a little bit by Zoom. Take care!

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