Free AMAZON PRODUCT RESEARCH Method (Beats Jungle Scout & Viral Launch 100%!)

Free AMAZON PRODUCT RESEARCH Method (Beats Jungle Scout & Viral Launch 100%!)

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In this video, I will show you the product research method that I used when I created my passion product, Performance Nut Butter. I taught my girlfriend Arianna the same method which she used to create her own passion product, Vino Cards and I’ll teach you to do the same thing.

Product Research Method

1. Find out what you want – Figure out something that you wish existed in the world. A unique product that you would personally buy and then create it. It doesn’t have to be a mind-blowing or game-changing product. If you search something on Amazon and nothing came up, then that’s already a great idea!

2. Use Free Tools
Jungle Scout – You can find out how well any product is doing on Amazon using the free version of Jungle Scout. What you can do is find a similar product to the one that you want to create, put it in the tool, get the bestselling rank and it will tell you approximately how many units that specific product is selling. This is a great way to validate your idea.
999 Amazon Trick – Another free method you can do is to add certain products to your Amazon Cart 999 times and Amazon will tell you how much inventory does the seller have.
Google Key Word Planner – It can be used to see how often people are searching keywords that are related to your product.
Google Trends – This will show you how often over time are people searching for keywords that are related to your product.

3. Talk to Real People – The best way to get valuable insights about your product is to talk to real people. Do what I call a Product Launch Group. Create a Facebook Group, add your friends and family in there but also add soon to be customers. You can use Instagram, email list or paid advertisements. Involve the members of your group by getting feedback from them about the logo of your product and other decisions. This will help you make your product as good as it can possibly be and also engage your potential customers because they helped you make the product. Also, you will get a ton of customers right away when you launch it on Amazon and they will give you good reviews since they are dedicated to your product.

I think personally that creating a product that you are passionate about is the best way to make money online. You get to harness all that energy and passion you have to create and sell something you really believe in. That’s why I am going to be coming up with a course to teach you specifically on how you can make your own unique product to start a real business, a real company of your own, soon.


Tools I recommend:
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