FREE COURSE | One Product Dropshipping Store on Shopify in 2020

FREE COURSE | One Product Dropshipping Store on Shopify in 2020

Full video course notes & handbook (PDF) here:

A full A-Z mini-course (ayyy AZ for Andrew Zeng 😂) showing you how to setup a profitable one product store from scratch within 3 hours! Be sure to follow @andrewethanzeng on Instagram for the store giveaway.

2:45 Product & Niche Selection
3:50 Shopify Store Setup
6:00 Picking A Business & Brand Name
9:45 Purchasing & Connecting Domain Name
10:30 Creating a Business Email Address
11:30 Logo Creation
16:05 Designing Converting Store Designs
20:35 Initial Shopify Dropshipping Apps / Oberlo Setup
21:10 Product Ad Copy and Descriptions
27:18 Designing the Homepage as the Product Page
37:00 Additional Shopify Apps for One Product Stores
Optimizing Your Store: />
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10 thoughts on “FREE COURSE | One Product Dropshipping Store on Shopify in 2020”

  1. Hi Andrew! Great video!
    I noticed this was all on the Homepage. How do you design the product page?
    I was playing around with the store design and the Product Page seems to be pretty much a re-hash of the Homepage with the product pictures, prices, Add to Cart, etc.
    Thank you!

  2. I’ve scrolled through SO MANY Shopify videos on the SAME SUBJECT and they RARELY cover this information thoroughly. You’ve literally helped me in one video compared to multiple “exclusive” videos. Thank you

  3. You can also get the RGB code with a simple google extension. Allows you to use an eyedropper to pick any color on a webpage, much faster than uploading into photoshop, and free for those who don’t have ps.

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