Free Niche Website Tutorial (For 2022)

Free Niche Website Tutorial (For 2022)

Today I’m going to show you how to start and grow a niche website so you can generate passive income online.

I call this the Niche Site System.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

1️⃣ How to find untapped niche site ideas

2️⃣ Learn my secret process for choosing profitable, but uncompetitive niches

3️⃣ Discover how to become an expert in any niche within only 30 DAYS

4️⃣ Learn how to properly monetize your website

5️⃣ How to establish a real brand so you can generate income from your niche website today (and into the future)

6️⃣ Discover how to create SEO content that ranks consistently

7️⃣ See the DIY content creation tools that practically create content for you

8️⃣ Learn how to acquire incredible backlinks that actually work

And so much more!


Namecheap (Domains) ➡️

WP Engine (Hosting) ➡️

SEMRush (Best SEO Tool) ➡️


10 thoughts on “Free Niche Website Tutorial (For 2022)”

  1. This is a great video! It looks like it's a collection of smaller ones, do you have a playlist of them or timestamps of them? I plan to come back and review all the information as I build my first website and it would be easier if I could go to each specific topic as I need it.

  2. It's hurting your trustworthiness that the title says "For 2021" and then it says "published 2 years ago." You should change it to something like "(Still works in 2021!)" That would come across as more honest while still conveying the same point.

  3. Thank you for the video. If I understood correctly, you indicated you were going to link to "templates" for terms of service, privacy policy, and affiliate disclaimer pages, but unless I am missing something, I'm not seeing that in the video description.

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