From Quitting His Job To Making £13,000 A Month With SMMA

From Quitting His Job To Making £13,000 A Month With SMMA

💻 From Quitting His Job To Making $13,000 A Month With His Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA)
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In today’s video, I am joined by Affluent Academy member Aleksander Hadzhiyski.

From quitting his job back in January, Aleksander has now scaled his digital marketing agency, Titan Agency, to new heights and is now turning over £13,000 a month.

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10 thoughts on “From Quitting His Job To Making £13,000 A Month With SMMA”

  1. Super inspiring interview, loved hearing about your journey Aleksander! Jordan- I have a question about reaching out to biz pages directly on IG. Do you still address the owner by first name & how do you go about transitioning the convo from whoever is handling the page to the owner?

  2. Great video !! Quick question , I have a client who is spending $2k a week on newspaper ads
    !! I told him to spend that on Facebook but when i went to start running
    ads for him his personal account is very old and he never posted so FB
    restricted his account from running ads. Should I just set up a new
    fresh account or try the account review process which i have heard can
    take a LONG time ….thanks …love your channel !!

  3. Jordan, thank you my man. By watching your videos, I've learned everything I need to become successful agency owner. I have my own agency and I don't even have an website and I am making about 10,000$ a month, with my existing clients, I will scale of course but I want to make everything perfect. It took me about an year, but it totally worth it. Just wanted to say, Thank YOU! 🙏👍🙌

  4. That is a great story, we can succeed at anything as long as we put the work don't give up, and like he said going all-in with a fresh mind instead of half and not certain and serious.

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