Full Beginners Guide to PROFITABLE Snapchat Ads in 20 Minutes!

Full Beginners Guide to PROFITABLE Snapchat Ads in 20 Minutes!

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Explode your sales with this free course and beginners guide on Snapchat Ads in 20 minutes and don’t forget to claim your Snapchat ad voucher! This full beginners guide and tutorial to understanding Snapchat, Snap Ads and exploding your business by making sales through the growing ad platform. One of my students made $30,000+ in 2 months with his eCommerce store + Snapchat ads, so don’t sleep on snap ads and go experiment!
Full Beginners Guide to PROFITABLE Snapchat Ads in 20 Minutes! #ad

πŸ‘‰πŸŽŸοΈ Be sure to redeem your Snap Ads voucher here: http://bit.ly/snapvoucher_gads_aez
Enjoy! πŸ™‚

0:00 Intro
1:05 Student Results ($30,000 profit with Snap Ads in 2 months)
1:45 Video Outline
2:52 Snapchat Background & Stats
5:15 Audience Breakdown
10:08 Using Snap Ads 101
13:50 Ad Strategies & Things to Try
18:35 Optimizing Your Ads
20:05 Implementing Snap Ad Pixel
23:30 Snap Ad Voucher!

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10 thoughts on “Full Beginners Guide to PROFITABLE Snapchat Ads in 20 Minutes!”

  1. Great video! Love seeing my results being shown! (For everyone who keeps asking me – I’m not actually one of Ethan’s student, I just posted a post into his free Facebook group a while back).

  2. Hi Andrew!
    Please read this full, because I need an Expert Honest Advice on this.
    I created a 4:5 ratio Video and upload on SC Ads.
    I made 1 Campaign and 4 Ad sets with 1 Video.
    After 2 Days, 1 Ad set got approved and run for 24 Hours.
    After 24 Hours my other 3 Ad sets got rejected and the running one which got approved and run for 24 hours, it also got Rejected and they Banned my SC Ads Account.
    I was spending 5$ per day on which Ad set ( This happened to me about 2 Months ago).

    Then I created a New SC Ad Account and made a 9:16 ratio Ad Video and followed all the Video Guide lines.
    But as soon as I upload the Video it got rejected with in 10 minutes.

    Later on, in Facebook groups a guy told me I need to change my Domain and my Credit Card. Because in my 2nd Ad Account Snap chat didn't accept my Credit Card, so I had to link it with PayPal.
    But he told me that with Credit Card, I also need to change my Domain.

    Do you think that Snap Chat not only Ban the Ad Account but they also Ban Domain and Credit Card?

    Also Please make a Video on how to create simple videos, so it can get approved and what rules we should follow on our Product Page like terms and services, refund policy etc etc to get accepted.
    It would help a lot. please please !!
    Thank you!!

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