Getting 0 Clicks? Here’s 3 Reasons Why (& How to Fix It!)

Getting 0 Clicks? Here’s 3 Reasons Why (& How to Fix It!)

Getting 0 clicks? I cover 3 reasons why in this video and how to fix it so make sure to stay to the end.

Table of contents:

0:00 – Introduction
0:51 – Reason #1
2:24 – Reason #2
7:00 – Reason #3
8:52 – Bonus

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Let’s go through some of the reasons for why you’re not getting any clicks.

Reason #1:

There is a discrepancy between your ads and keywords.

If your keyword is “how to lose weight”, but the ad says “buy new car now”, obviously no one will click on that ad because that’s not what they searched for.

This is obviously an extreme example, but if your keyword is “weight loss supplement”, then you want to explicitly say that in your ad.

Because people searching for a weight loss pill aren’t looking for “how to lose weight”, or “how to lose belly fat”.

That’s why whenever you see me creating campaigns, you will notice that I like to split my campaign into separate ad groups with relevant keywords in each so I can create relevant ads for each.

But let’s move on to the 2nd reason for why you’re getting 0 clicks and what to do about it.

Reason #2:

You will get 0 clicks if your ads just suck.

Your ads can suck in different ways:

a) Big grammatical errors and ads unable to be understood.

b) No call-to-action – for example phrases like “get started now”, “watch now”, “learn more”, “sign up now”, etc…

Your ads can be improved with the following:

a) Having claims backed by data – don’t just say we are #1 – back that up with some proof for WHY you are #1… anyone can say they are #1.

b) Being as specific as possible whenever you present information – instead of saying “get this done in 5 minutes”, say “get this done in 3 minutes and 28 seconds”.

c) Including numbers, number signs, special characters, and so on – such as #, $, ™, 1234.

d) Having a unique perspective that draws attention compared to other ads – browse and look around on Google/Bing for ideas. I always say to include the keyword in headline 1 and call-to-action in headline 2, but maybe change it up and try something different to attract attention.

Remember that you’re competing against other ads from people bidding on the same keywords you are…

So the better you can make your ads stand out, the higher the chances that you will get clicks.

Let’s move on to the final reason for why you’re getting 0 clicks.

Reason #3:

If your bid is too low, then chances are that your ad is showing up at the very bottom of the page and people likely aren’t clicking on it…

You’re programmed to know that anything at the top of search results is the most relevant, so you generally dismiss everything at the bottom as irrelevant… including your ads.

So if everything above is spot-on and your ads look great, are consistent with your keywords, and so on, then consider increasing your bid and see if your ad appears at the top.

A good quality score can also increase the position of your ads, so if you increase the relevancy of your keywords and ads as mentioned in the previous points, your quality score should automatically be higher.

If you’re still getting 0 clicks, there is something that can help you get more clicks. Let’s cover that in this bonus section.


You can greatly increase the visibility of your ad by adding extensions.

This includes sitelink extensions, callout extensions, structure snippet extensions – any extensions really.

I cover every single extension and how to set them up in my training courses here:

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So take a look and add them to increase the visibility of your ads.

For example well-structure sitelink extensions can take up the space of 2-3 ads… which will make your ad SUPER obvious and much more clickable.

And a call extension can add a phone number to your ad which will make it stand out more without even needing to actually use any numbers in your description.

And that is why you’re getting 0 clicks and how to fix it!

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11 thoughts on “Getting 0 Clicks? Here’s 3 Reasons Why (& How to Fix It!)”

  1. Hi Ivan, I'm getting clicks but on irrelevant KW terms. Have you noticed Microsoft Ads phrase and exact match are returning terms that aren't very "phrase/exact" match? Support tells me they are "close variants" but they are way out and triggering for keywords I don't want to trigger. And it's impossible to come up with every single negative KW to stop them showing. Any ideas? Thanks.

  2. Hi Ivan, I just started with my affiliate marketing and ran my first ad on google. I got the impressions, clicks and conversions(people visited the product sales page from my landing page) but no actual sale. My CTR was 8%. I ran my ad for 10 days and bcoz of the cost, i had to stop it now. Can you please suggest how long we have to wait for actual sales to happen. Am I missing something here?

  3. Hi Ivan, Thanks for all the content you provide. Could you do a video about conversion ratio's?
    With my Clickbank affiliate campaigns, (based on your teachings) what are the metrics that I should be aiming for :-
    Bing / google: Impressions to Clicks (CTR)
    Clicks to landing page impressions ratio
    Landing page impressions to clickbank sales page ratio
    Clickbank sales page to Order Page ratio
    Order page to Sales ratio.
    Obviously the type of products and other factors will vary but what are the
    ratios that I should be looking for at each stage in order to appraise
    my campaign. Once again – Thanks

  4. While I was watching this video, came up with a question which might not be relevant. However, the question is we get clicks when we run GDN ads but I dont think all of the clicks we get are actually come from our target audience. Due to the ad placements, our GDN ads show inside of the applications while they are using. So, some people might misclick the ads or may be they click the ads to close while they are trying to use the app. I think the clicks result that we get when the campaign is ended is the total click (Actual+misclick+etc etc) right? I am a new guy in this field and I dont find satisfying answers on the internet for my question. Hope you can enlighten me for my curiosity. Thank you 🙂

  5. Hello, my ads are running. Money also consuming, but Google ads dashboard didn't show any clicks and impressions. Can anyone tell how to fix it or why it happen? Thank you

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