Google Ads Affinity Audiences & Custom Affinity Audiences

Google Ads Affinity Audiences & Custom Affinity Audiences

What are Affinity Audiences and Custom Affinity Audiences? Check out my video about Google Ads Affinity Audiences and Custom Affinity Audiences, how they are used, which advertisers should use them, how to target affinity audiences, and how to create custom affinity audiences.

Affinity Audiences in Google AdWords were created for TV advertisers to reach people

What is an affinity audience?

– Reach users based on their Interests and Habits.
– Good for Advertisers with large budgets that want to drive brand and product awareness.
– Meant for Advertisers to enhance their TV advertising budget.
– Not recommended for driving conversions.
– Custom Affinity audiences are recommended, which can be created in Google Ads Audience Manager.

You can target users across the Google Ads network based on what they’re browsing history and search history says about and their habits and interests. Essentially, you are looking for people who have an affinity towards something in general, like investing, shopping, luxury travel, green living, and more.

How do you get a custom affinity audience?

You can create them yourself directly in Audience Manager or as you build a new Display or Video campaign in Google AdWords.

What is the difference between custom affinity and custom intent?

Custom Intent audiences are more targeted and intended to reach people who are in the buying process or actively researching products and services for sale.

10 thoughts on “Google Ads Affinity Audiences & Custom Affinity Audiences”

  1. I do have a question actually.. I've created a custom affinity audience and saved it, but it's not available for selection within my display campaign. I'm not sure what entity to "assign" it to; an ad group? A campaign? Full disclosure I'm new to the current version of Google Ads, as the question probably betrays…

  2. Great video, thank you for sharing! I'd like to add that I have managed several campaigns where I used custom affinity to drive conversions with great success, so i think it is very useful for other than branding too. The great thing is that you can not only add domains but URLS, so if you want to optimize for conversions, you could use e.g. a checkout URL or thank you page from the competitor indicating that the users are likely to purchase. Using more specific URLs will also help you reduce the size of these audiences making it ideal for driving conversions and not only focus on branding.

  3. I didn't find the Custom Affinity Audiences option? There's are 5 options in my AdWords including Affinity but no Custom Affinity Audiences option are available.

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