Google Ads Agency Roundtable | Full Interview

Google Ads Agency Roundtable | Full Interview

Google Ads Agency Roundtable | Full Interview

Hey Guys! Welcome back to our first Google Ads Agency Roundtable Interview. I will be breaking down some of the most important FAQs with 3 successful Google Agency Owners. Nick Kremer, Dustin Miller and Mark Kelly will be explaining some important topics from how to generate leads for your agency to hiring your first employee. Be sure to check out the whole interview or look at the timestamps below to find exactly what you are looking for.

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Robert Andolins & Ed Stapleton, Jr.
Clicks Geek

Nick Kremer
Driven Leads

Dustin Miller
PPC Pros

Mark Kelly
Inbound Revenue

0:00 Agency Roundtable Introductions
2:23 Current Outlook On Google Ads Search Traffic
9:20 How To Generate Leads For Your Google Ads PPC Clients
29:45 Hiring Your First Employee For Your Business
39:30 How To Get Your First Google Ads Agency Client
48:00 Best Advice For A New Google Ads Agency
1:02:30 How To Find More Information About The Agency Owners
1:03:45 Outro

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7 thoughts on “Google Ads Agency Roundtable | Full Interview”

  1. Hey Ed & Rob.

    When setting up real estate campaigns, there are some keywords that crossover into different adgroups, ad groups "i need to sell my house fast" and "sell my house fast".

    Do you add them as negative keywords to the respective adgroups or you just leave them as is, and let Google show the ad to the closest matching search term?

  2. Hey Rob, I have a question for you I hope you can answer it

    You said in one of your videos that you prefer to create separate landing pages for different themed ad groups for relevancy which is super smart but my question is how do you track conversions from all those different landing pages in the same google ads account?

    Like do you use google ads conversion codes in all your different pages ? Or do you jus clone your main page and change a few things for relevancy

    I hope you can help me out here slightly confused a bit 😂😭

  3. This content was amazing,I am a sole agency owner and this video gave so many tips that i was not doing and the word focus is key .Look forward to connecting with the professionals in the group

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