Google Ads Audit [LIVE] Google Ads Consulting Session

Google Ads Audit [LIVE] Google Ads Consulting Session

Google Ads Audit [LIVE] Google Ads Consulting Session

Google AdWords Audit

In this video we walk through a live Google Ads campaign audit and do a deep dive audit on whats going on and how to improve performance. In this google ads consulting session you watch us perform a google ads audit, talk google ads strategy and much more.

If you guys have any questions drop them in the comments below!

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9 thoughts on “Google Ads Audit [LIVE] Google Ads Consulting Session”

  1. Hey Rob, I noticed you've set the call length to 1 second for the call conversion tracking, I think the reason why you're doing that is to see which keywords are driving the action but just wanted to know:

    1) how do you optimize the keywords? do you bid differently for the keywords based on the call length?

    2) wouldn't this lead to a miscounting of conversions (between what Adword is showing and the number of leads received by the client)? because usually the length of a call before is considered a conversion is determined by the client and 1 second isn't a really long/realistic time

    Would really appreciate your thoughts on this. Thank you in advance.

  2. Hey gents, awesome vid. I've been running tracking for form subs, call ext call and phone number clicks on the LP's (also using 3rth party call tracking numbers for different areas and campaigns, but I haven't been using the swap out call tracking numbers for the landing pages.. Does it display google tracking number on the page? If so I'm a bit concerned a about the phone number looking strange/not local.. also if I'm using this type of conversion tracking, does the phone number click tracking on the LP become redundant?

  3. Loved this, much better than watching Netflix, could watch it all day long.
    Regarding the course Rob made first and was too high level, I mean I'd be interested in buying that haha. Hopefully you guys saved it all and will release it at some point!

  4. For being such a helpful channel your views are so low! Doing these live videos are very helpful. Maybe this should be a regular thing. It helps to know what happens to trigger things and why that is and why it works or doesn't. Data driven movement but reasons why. Thank you guys!

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