Google Ads Campaign Structure Tutorial | Winning Campaign Structure Strategy

Google Ads Campaign Structure Tutorial | Winning Campaign Structure Strategy

This video about setting the proper google ads campaign structure and why it is vitally important to your AdWords campaign success. Without having the proper campaign structure in place you can get crushed with low quality scores, low conversion rates, high cost per clicks and just generally a terribly wasteful experience using Google Ads Platform.

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0:00 Google Ads campaign structure Intro
1:00 Ad group structure
2:00 Google Ad structure
3:13 Landing page structure
6:35 Real life example
9:15 Wrap up
10:05 Outro

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5 thoughts on “Google Ads Campaign Structure Tutorial | Winning Campaign Structure Strategy”

  1. What do you recommend, when expanded text phasing out. How many responsive ads do you recommend? Is your course updated with all the recent updates from Google? I am interested in buying your course…

  2. Thanks for the content! It's my understanding that budget control is only allowed at the campaign level. What do you think about the perspective of creating a campaign instead of an ad group for the services you mentioned just in case the client wants to allocate more budget to one service and turn down budget for another. Would you see any negatives with this route?

  3. Thanks sir for the video, actually i want to ask a question sir.. so in our campaign what should we name it? Should the name is about our objective like awareness,consideration,etc.? Or else? Thankyou sir..

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