Google Ads Custom Audience Segments

Google Ads Custom Audience Segments

Google Ads Custom Segments are the combination of the old Custom Intent and Custom Affinity audiences. While the setup is pretty familiar, there are some definite changes after Google combined these audiences. This video will showcase how Custom Segments work. We’ll cover the three inputs advertisers have to create Custom Segments. Then we’ll go over a few of our favorite Custom Audiences to create. Last, we’ll show how to implement the new Custom Segments into your ad group targeting.

Full video transcript:

0:46 – Three Signals Google Uses to Comprise Your Audience
2:21 – Inputs Advertisers Use to Create Custom Segments on Google Ads
3:59 – How to Create Custom Segments in Google Ads
4:35 – Settings Around Interests and Behaviors Included in Custom Segments
7:10 – Creating Custom Segments with URLs
8:29 – Joe’s Suggested Custom Segments to Create in Your Accounts
11:50 – How to Apply Custom Segments to Campaign Targeting

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10 thoughts on “Google Ads Custom Audience Segments”

  1. thanks foe you video. very well explained. Is it good to mix a custom audience with dispaly/video keywords as targeting for a campagin? or is it better to separate the two of them: creating one campaign with custom audience and one that uses keywords? Thanks

  2. I’m wondering if using [exact match keywords] is applicable when creating the search terms: just so (specially for the smart campaigns) google don’t go after the broad match therms …

  3. Hey Joe
    Awesome video ! thank you for explaining so well. I have one query if you could help me with it.
    The google search terms you added while making the custom audience, what match type does google consider while matching those entered terms to the google searches? Google ads console mentions: "Your ad will reach people who search for similar terms". Now, how does google define these "similar" terms? are they exact match of what keywords we enter here? or is it phrase or broad match or something else entirely?
    I'd appreciate if you could elaborate.
    Thank you.

  4. Very well explained, I found the video extremely useful but I'm struggling at the step where I can select the custom audience. At 12:27 you have the custom audience available in the list. I saved mine but is not there. How is that possible? Thank you

  5. Very nice information about display ads audience. I would like to ask one question.

    I want to target the sites which has the business related keywords. For e.g. The sites have the content relevant to the keywords 'baby products', 'baby prams', 'toddler prams', etc. keywords. How can I do that?

  6. New to Google Ads. But in our account, under ad group, when we click on Audience, we only see "Exclusions", there is no way for us to add Audience Segments. (We already build Audience Segment, just cant use that in Ad group – it doesnt even give us that option). Please help.

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