Google Ads: How to Create a Call-Only Campaign

Google Ads: How to Create a Call-Only Campaign

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Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to create a call-only campaign in Google ads.

The difference between this campaign and a regular website visitor campaign is that this campaign type focuses specifically on phone calls, and the very first line in the ad says “Call [your number]” (although Google replaces this number with their forwarding number so that you can track the conversions).

So obviously this is the “go-to” campaign if you want people to call you and reach out to you rather than just click on a website.

And the way we do that is pretty simple.

From your Google ads camapaign tab, click on “Add new” by clicking on the little plus sign.

In this case, you need to select “leads” as your first goal, then “search”, and then “phone calls”.

Here is where you would enter your phone number that you want people to reach. Make sure this number is exactly as it appears on your site as Google will scan your site and try to detect this number so that they can then replace it with their forwarding number and show you conversions for your phone calls.

After you are done with that, you would simply need to fill in the blanks, such as write down the campaign name, pick the times you want your ad to run, select your bid, your budget, etc…

One thing to keep in mind though:

The recommended bid by Google is always “maximize bid”, but you should go for the manual CPC method instead without the enhanced CPC option.

That way, you can adjust the bid for any keyword at any time depending on how it performs. With the “maximize clicks” option, the bid is set at the ad group level and ALL your keywords would have the exact same bid number.

You can certainly also add extensions to your ad, such as the call extension, and I cover extensions in an older video of mine, so make sure to check that out.

But for the time being, we will skip that and just move on with the process.

So now that you have finished all that, you arrive at the keyword selection part, where you need to add your keywords. Check out one of my previous videos on that if you’re not sure how or what to put down, but just add relevant keywords so that your ad will show up to people searching for them.

The next part would be creating the actual ad.

Just make sure that the first headline contains what the user is actually searching for on Google, and the second headline contains the call to action. Adding numbers and ampersands would also help get the attention your ad deserves!

The important part to note here is that you must have a display AND verification URL if you aren’t using the other 2 methods to verify your URL.

The first method is connecting Google console to your Google ads account, and the 2nd method is adding the Google conversion tag code to your pages you want to track (as covered in one of my earlier videos as well).

If you have neither of these set up, such as if you are an affiliate, you can just enter the display and verification URL then and Google will scan the site to verify that the number you put down is your actual number.

Make sure ot leave call converting on before hitting save so that you can see which ads/keywords/other variables converted for you!

And that’s it!

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