Google Ads: How to Create a Remarketing Audience

Google Ads: How to Create a Remarketing Audience

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Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to setup the remarketing tag on your website from Google AdWords – this is a very important element in your advertisements as most people do not buy their first time – it will take a few times for them to see your ad and get acquainted with your product before they make the final decision to buy.

Our first step is to login to our Google AdWords account and go to ‘shared library’ at the bottom left of your screen. For the purposes of this video and for affiliate marketing, we will be putting in ‘website visitors’. From here on, we will say ‘create remarketing list’, and you can either email the tag to yourself and follow the instructions, or simply copy the tag provided, uncheck the email box, and paste the tag to the entire website body section, or onto an individual page if you only have one.

Now your Google AdWords remarketing tag is basically done. Now we will just need to wait 24 hours or more (maybe less) for the tag to be verified. However, you may already start collecting data for your list. If you have multiple pages and you want to track individual visitors for each part of your funnel, you would have to click on ‘remarketing’ again and add the URL of the page you want to track. I would recommend just clicking on ‘contains URL’ and inputting your domain name without the ‘https’ or ‘www’. If you want to create a rule such your audience must have also visited a certain page, or have NOT visited a certain page, you can also do that.

The membership duration refers to how long the remarketing cookie will stay on the person’s browser before they are removed from your remarketing list. This is a double-edged sword because having a cookie that is too short may cause you to lose good potential clients, whereas a membership list that is too long may cause you to get people on your remarketing list that are no longer interested in your product. I would probably set my duration to 60 days, but it depends on your product – if it is a heavy item, such as a new house, perhaps a higher cookie duration is necessary since people do not normally buy a house within one month.

You should start seeing your remarketing list grow. In the next video, I will show you a cool Google Chrome tag extension you can use to verify whether your tag is properly working or not without having to rely on the message Google provides you on the audiences screen.

If you want to add the remarketing list to your Google AdWords campaign, you need go to the ‘audiences’ tab next to dimensions, select remarketing and click on ‘+targeting’. You will be asked to select either ‘target and bid’, or just ‘bid only’. The default Google AdWords option is ‘target and bid’, meaning that any narrowing down of the audience you do, such as what we did in our last video where we customized our demographics (, will be necessary IN ADDITION to other requirements, such as keywords, in order for your ad to show. If the age we selected was set on ‘bid only’, then anyone within that age group typing ANYTHING in could trigger your ad.

In relation to the remarketing list, if you type in ‘bid only’, then anyone on your remarketing list typing anything into Google search could see your ad. This could be bad or good, since it reminds the customer of your product. But at the same time, if the customer didn’t type in your keyword, it is possible he lost interest in your product entirely anyway, and that ad showing to him could be a wasted click. So if you want your clicks to be most relevant, I would select ‘target and bid’ so that your ad will show to people who are on your remarketing list AND type in your keywords.

That’s it!

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  1. As mentioned, do not be too concerned if Google still says it's not detecting your tag after 24 hours – it took a few days for mine to work, but I still saw data piling up and the Google Chrome tag assistant extension told me everything was set up properly.

  2. Great video, quick question though. I've been adding my Google Global Site Tag to my LeadPages landing pages thinking that it will allow me to later re-target those page visitors. I then create audience lists in my Google Ads account based on Website visitors and the page URL where I placed my Global site Tag. Am I doing it right or wrong?

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