Google Ads: How to Create a Video Ad

Google Ads: How to Create a Video Ad

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Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to create a video ad on Google AdWords.

You can create a video ad on certain websites or YouTube videos/channels. There is some detailed targeting available for you to select when making a video ad.

The process is fairly simple. We would first need to select ‘create campaign’ and click on ‘video’. This will allow us to start making out video ads. You would put in the title of your campaign, and select whether you want a bumper ad (6 second video that is unskippable) or a regular video that can be skipped.

You would have the option to pay per view or pay per thousand impressions. An impression is when your video ad is seen by the user, but not clicked on, ie viewed. For the pay-per-view option, you would pay even if someone watches a few seconds of your video.

The rest of the content on the page is pretty straightforward – bidding, budget, language, country, all covered in the Google AdWords tutorial playlist.

You can also set the limit as to how many times you want each individual user to either see and/or view your ad. So if I don’t want someone seeing the same ad over and over again, I could set a limit for that individual person to ensure my money isn’t being wasted.

After we have set all this up, we can click on ‘next’, and this is where we would set up all the targeting.

We can target based on keywords, interests, remarketing, topics, demographics, or specific YouTube channels/websites/videos.

ALL of these criteria must be met in order for the ad to show, so it’s recommended not to use every single one of these categories when specifying your target audience, otherwise it will get way too narrow.

***One thing to keep in mind for keywords is that unlike our previous text ads, there is no broad, phrase, exact, or broad match modifier types for the keyword. The keyword here is pretty much similar to the ‘topics’ category, since the keywords are like broad match types. So if someone types something in that is related to your keyword, your ads will still show up in the video list.

You can click next after you are happy with your targeting, and you can always go back and edit your choices later on.

Make sure to put in your YouTube video (make it unlisted if you don’t want anyone to see it except viewers of your ads) as that is what will allow you to make changes to your targeting later on.

That’s it!

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Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video!

6 thoughts on “Google Ads: How to Create a Video Ad”

  1. Even though it says that you will pay only if someone watches you video for 30 seconds or the full thing (whichever comes first) in the CPV (cost per view) bidding option, you are actually paying even if someone watches you video for 1 second… but as long as they click on it basically, it's considered a 'view'.

  2. Hi ivan, Can i use google adwords to put my video ad in a place other than youtube ? I have a problem of dispproved video ad on youtube_ male enhancement course despite no explicit material at all _ so where can i put this video ad using adwords ? Thanks

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