Google Ads: How to Set Up Call Conversion Tracking (For ANY Ad Format)

Google Ads: How to Set Up Call Conversion Tracking (For ANY Ad Format)

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Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to set up Google call conversion tracking for your website.

This is a super awesome way to track who called the number on your website without them needing to necessarily click a ‘button’.

The way Google tracks this is by replacing the number that you specify using a certain code with their own forwarding number, so that when someone calls that number, it shows up as a conversion for your campaign!

So the first thing you need to do is obviously have a Google AdWords account. Once then, you would need to click on ‘Tools’ at the top of your dashboard, and select ‘Conversions’.

From here on, click on the little plus sign to create a new conversion metric.

You will need to select ‘phone calls’ and select the middle option, which is ‘track phone calls to my website’.

You then just need to fill in the blanks, including the name of your conversion metric you are setting up, what category you want this to be listed as, what each conversion is worth to you, etc…

Some of these options are pretty straight forward, such as ‘count’ or ‘call length’, which basically means whether you want to count multiple conversions for each unique person or just one, and how long you want the call to be before it is considered a conversion.

The conversion window is just the ‘window of time’ a user has after clicking on your ad before calling – the time you set is completely up to you. The default is 30 days, which means that the user has up to 30 days after clicking on your ad to call the number, and if they don’t do it within that time frame, they will not be listed as a conversion for that campaign.

Select ‘yes’ for count these as conversions, and go to the next page.

This is where you would generate the code required to place on your website.

The first piece of code provided is the general AdWords code that you need to add in the header section of the page where your phone number is listed.

The second piece of ‘snippet’ code that you need to add right before this previous code you need to generate by pasting in your exact phone number as it appears on your website into the slot provided by Google.

You will then get a code and you need to paste that undernearth the other code you just added.

That is it on the Google side and your code is now active!

You might however need to make sure that your code is properly inserted and you can do that in 3 ways:

1. Create an ad for your campaign and click on the ad yourself to see if the phone number you have listed is changed by the Google number instead.

2. Use a Chrome/Firefox Google Tag Assistant extension to tell you whether the code you have added to the page is working or not. Just click on the extension icon and it should be green to indicate that it is properly working.

3. Add the following to the end of your URL – #google-wcc-debug. This only works in Chrome, but allows a little menu to show up in the bottom left corner of your website that will either successfully or unsuccessfully replace the phone number you have on your website with the Google forwarding number. You will need to click on ‘Force’ so that the phone number replacement is forced, but if it does get replaced with 999-999-9999, you know it works!

That’s it!

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11 thoughts on “Google Ads: How to Set Up Call Conversion Tracking (For ANY Ad Format)”

  1. Hey I just had a question. So if anyone calls your business via a call extension or from the same phone number listed on pages of the website, it will include both types as conversions, not just from your website using this method?

  2. Hey Ivan, Awesome video mate. Been looking for a way to test this properly for a few days now! New sub!
    On my landing page (clickfunnels) I've got my displayed phone numbers set up as call links so I'm trying to set up conversion tracking for calls from link clicks also. Having a lot of trouble following googles instructions to set this up. Any tips or do you think it would be better just to un-link them for ease of tracking?

  3. HEy, Its great and informative to learn with you. I have a question that I am tried a lot to do is that..If it is possible to set a call to action to direct call in google responsive ads or standard display ad…?#Help

  4. I don't want my Ads to show Google's Call Forwarding number instead my Actual Business Phone Number. Also I want to setup phone call conversion tracking. Possible?

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