Google Ads: How to Set up ClickBank Conversion Tracking

Google Ads: How to Set up ClickBank Conversion Tracking

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Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to set up your conversions on Google AdWords onto ClickBank so you can determine from your AdWords interface what clicks and ads convert the best. Clicks and impressions do not matter – conversions are the end result and without conversions, clicks just equal to more money spent!!

I will assume you already have a ClickBank account set up, and if not, just go to and sign up as an affiliate – it is incredibly simple to do.

I will start off by going to the ‘tools’ in the Google interface. We need to click the ‘conversion’ button with the little plus sign next to it and click on ‘website’, since we are trying to track clicks to our website.

Next, we should create a name for our conversion tracking to indicate what it is exactly that we want to track – perhaps a sign in? Maybe people who land on your order page? Or perhaps people who actually finished buying your product and landed on your thank you order form confirmation page?

For the ‘value’ field, we need to insert a value for our conversion – how much is our conversion worth to us? If it’s for a sale that was actually completed, perhaps we can put in the full dollar value of that sale. If your definition of conversion is something different, then you can create a value for that conversion to be whatever you see fit (for example everyone who signs up to my list is worth $xx to me).

For the ‘count’ value, we need to specify what we want to count as a conversion. If ONE person buys multiple products from us, is that one conversion, or multiple? The conversion window just specifies what time frame you want your conversion to track.

For ‘category’, we need to say what that conversion means to us. Is it just a visit to a particular page, is it a sale, or perhaps a lead that we generated? Because in our example we are tracking the order form and order form confirmation visits, we will input ‘visit of page’ for order form, and ‘purchase/sale’ for the order form confirmation.

Lastly, for ‘include in conversions’, we can say either yes or no. This is what determines whether Google will actively show the conversions in the columns on your ads bar to determine what ads/ad groups/campaigns work the best. So for our order form, we have selected ‘no’ for conversions, but for order form confirmation, we have selected ‘yes’.

After this, we can click on ‘save’ and copy the new code that you were provided onto notepad or a Word file.

We will then head over to ClickBank, go to ‘settings’, then ‘site’, and scroll all the way to the bottom where you see the conversion/tracking pixels. You may already see some tracking pixels there if you have seen our previous video where we inserted our tracking pixels from ClickMagick ( Click on ‘add new’, or ‘edit’, and copy your Google ID from the ‘google id’ description you just pasted into your notepad. For the order form, input the ‘google conversion label’ series of numbers inside here. Do not copy the quotation marks though.

Next, we need to repeat the exact same process, but indicate ‘yes’ for our conversion, and categorize it as a ‘purchase/sale’. So repeat the exact same step we did for the order form conversion, starting off by clicking the plus sign on the ‘conversion’ button. After you do all this, you will then also get another Google conversion label. Copy and paste that same label into the ‘purchase label’ area in ClickBank.

Click ‘save’ and you should be good to go right after you scroll back down and activate that pixel!

That’s it!

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Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video!

11 thoughts on “Google Ads: How to Set up ClickBank Conversion Tracking”

  1. Hi Ivan, thank you for your video! (hope your name is spelled correctly).
    As far as I understand, Clickbank tracks my conversions using the hoplinks.
    Why would I need to track conversions using the adwords conversion tracking code on clickbank? Is that to have all the data available in one platform? Or maybe I misunderstood something?

  2. Hi, There I just subscribed. Do you have an updated version of this for Google Ads and Clickbank? The new tracking does not show purchase conversion label as shown in the video. I would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks

  3. Hi, That was a really great video.
    I got a question. This way you know we are tracking Affiliate sales between CB and G Ads. So Still we need to add tracking template in Ad. Let me describe you further. I am doing Direct Linking with CB and Adwords. I setup Tracking Also. So Still I need to use tracking template/url or 3rd party tracking Like ClickMagick?
    I hope you understand my question

  4. Hi Ivan, This is a really amazing video so far. Let consider I am Running "A" campaign and I set up tracking same like this and also working. Suppose If I want to run "B" campaign will I need to setup another tracking pixel or that old one will work with all Offers of CB? cause you know we don't setup tracking pixel for the specific offer we setup overall in CB account so I think only one-timed Tracking Pixel will work with all CB Offers. Am I right?

  5. How do I do this for Bing/Microsoft ads? Clickbank is so out of date, they still have Yahoo Marketing as an option (they don't exist anymore), but they don't have Bing/Microsoft as an option….ugh…Please help if you can..Debra

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