Google Ads PPC Course | Full Step By Step Walkthrough of Google Ads

Google Ads PPC Course | Full Step By Step Walkthrough of Google Ads

PPC Course: Google Ads Training Academy Full Course Walkthrough In today’s video, we will give you a full walkthrough of the Google Ads platform and how you can get started with advertising your business on Google. Interested in learning how to setup a google ads campaign? Then this Google ads training video is for you! This ultimate guide will give you all the information you need to build a successful Google Ads campaign.

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0:00 Intro to our Google Ads PPC Course
0:16 Course overview
0:40 Quickstart – How to build a campaign
1:34 Module 1 – Introduction to Google Ads
3:42 Module 2 – Understanding the Google Ads Auction + Bidding
4:00 Module 3- Understanding the Google Ads quality score
4:33 Module 4- Correct Campaign / Ad Group Structure
5:15 Module 5- Write Ad Copy that works
6:12 Module 6- Understanding Keywords, Keyword Match Types & More
7:08 Module 7- Negative Keywords and Why you must have them
7:33 Module 8- Simple Landing Page and why you need to use them ASAP
8:30 Module 9- Setting up conversion tracking correctly
8:50 Module 10- How to optimize and manage your Adwords campaign
9:54 Module 11- Setting up location extensions & Google My Business
10:07 Module 12- How to setup remarketing campaign
10:24 Module 13- Adwords scripts and how they work
10:35 Module 14- Adwords editor basics & functions
11:00 Module 15- Call only ads
11:10 Module 16- Creating MCC account
12:29 Outro

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