Google Ads Remarketing For Beginners (Full Guide for 2022)

Google Ads Remarketing For Beginners (Full Guide for 2022)

In this video, I will walk through step by step how to start your first Google Ads Remarketing campaign.

How to set up a Google Analytics account:
Set Up Google Analytics on Shopify:
Link Google Analytics and Google Ads:

0:00 Intro
0:58 Overview of tracking tag options
3:03 How to install Google Ads remarketing tag
4:05 How to create remarketing audiences in GA4
9: 27 How to create audiences using the Google Ads tag
11:13 Audience size requirements
12:43 How to create display remarketing campaign

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10 thoughts on “Google Ads Remarketing For Beginners (Full Guide for 2022)”

  1. This is very helpful video, thank you very much. Does google Ads tag fall under the 3rd party cookie category? If we are not using google analytics and only want to use the google tag on the website will that be restricted in the future?

  2. Hi, when I create an audience list in Google Analytics, its size contains 3000 users. But when I imported the list to Google Ads, its size becomes zero and is too small to serve. Do we need to wait for Google Ads to fully integrate the list from Google Analytics?

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