Google Ads Remarketing Tutorial 2022 | Google Ads Remarketing Audiences

Google Ads Remarketing Tutorial 2022 | Google Ads Remarketing Audiences

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If you are using Google Ads to reach your audiences online then you really should consider using remarketing as a way of getting more out of your marketing budget. Google ads remarketing is a great way of reminding your audiences of your Google ads again and help to get more conversions. Learn more in this Google Ads tutorial.

Okay. So, there are two ways you can do remarketing. One is obviously you can set up a Google Ads remarketing ad, and run ads to those people who have been through to your website. The problem with that is you are only going to target Google Ads, the visitors who have come through Google Ads, because you will also have other channels and traffic sources where visitors will come through to your website, direct, organic, brand search terms, social media, like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and all these places, email marketing traffic. So, if you don’t set these up properly in Google Analytics, you won’t be able to retarget to them and what you can also do is to take your remarketing to the next level is put every channel’s tag on your website first. You want to put in obviously Google Ads, Facebook, on our site I’ve put every tag. LinkedIn, Pinterest.

What else… YouTube is obviously covered by Google. There’s one more, which is… Instagram, is through Facebook as well, but I’ll put it in any way, and we’re starting with TikTok, very soon. Put the tags in because at least you start to capture, even if you’re not planning to run any ads, just capture the audience, pixel them in because that’s what you are paying for. Then, what you want to do is set up your… All these tags. Now, if you want to put all these tags… You’ll have to go one at a time, obviously, and you will have to go into the backend every time. We use Google Tag Manager, all these tags, no matter what tag it is, goes under the Tag Manager. It makes life so much simple and easy to manage all your tags. From here, there will be loads more conversion tracking, call tracking, you know, any kind of tag which you want to put in, put it through Tag Manager.

Once you put the tag manager tag on your website, you don’t need to touch the website anymore. All you do is control all these tags from here, through the interface. Now, like most Google products, Tag Manager is also for free and you can use it. It’s a really good app and there will be a learning curve, but if you don’t know how to do it, then hire somebody. Just give the tag, email them the tag, and they’ll put it through to fire on your website, then from there, you control all these other tags. So, things like conversion linker tag, call tracking, there’ll be loads more. Quora. Thank you, Nikhil. Yes, we do have Quora, as well.

Sandy “Email is missing.” Emails usually don’t have a tag unless you have an email account. So, we use ActiveCampaign as our email marketing software. The plan we have, allows us to do event tracking. What that means is we put a piece of the tag onto our website. If you are in my active campaign email list and you go to my website, it will know that this subscriber has gone to my site and I’m just talking a little bit about email marketing, which is very interesting. What we can do, it’s very creative as well. So, let’s say if a visitor comes, is in my email list and he keeps going to the site, so I can set up a lead scoring that every time somebody clicks and goes onto our site through our email list, give it a lead score and if the lead score goes over fifty or sixty points, send me an email that such and such person has been to the site so many times and the lead score is about fifty or sixty.

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