Google Ads Tutorials: Smart Bidding best practices

Google Ads Tutorials: Smart Bidding best practices

Smart Bidding combines an exclusive set of signals to set real-time bids for each and every auction. Learn how to choose a bidding strategy and optimize your campaigns with Smart Bidding.

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11 thoughts on “Google Ads Tutorials: Smart Bidding best practices”

  1. Hey Team, Nice video I want to understand better how data-driven attribution helps smart shopping campaigns. Or the benefits of data-driven attribution and how it works if the specific video is available then make sense.

    Thanks In Advance,
    Bhavy Shah

  2. Can I post ads for two separate websites with two completely separate services but list the same phone number for both of those websites? Or should I get a new phone number for my new website?

  3. Thanks for the video. If you have a campaign on Target ROAS portfolio bid strategy running stable and now you apply that same bid strategy to a new (or multiple) new campaigns, will this throw off the algo and destabilize that first campaign?

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