Google Ads: What Are Ad Extensions?

Google Ads: What Are Ad Extensions?

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Sitelink extensions: 0:26

Callout extensions: 3:15

Structure snippet extensions: 4:31

Call extensions: 5:50

Message extensions: 7:45

Location extensions: 8:32

Affiliate location extensions: 9:19

Price extensions: 9:39

App extensions: 10:21

Review extensions: 10:46

Automated extensions report: 11:35

Hey all!

In this video, I go over the different ad extensions you can use for your ads. If you are finding that people aren’t clicking on your ads and you have tons of impressions, perhaps it is time to increase your ad visibility. And you can do that with ad extensions! Putting them up is free and easy, but every time someone clicks on them, it DOES count as a click and you are charged the exact same as if someone clicked on your ad headline.

– Sitelink extensions: putting these show up as links that people can click on at the bottom of your ad that allows them to go to a specific part of your page, or a different page of your website if you provide the URL. If you have one page and you want someone to go to a particular section, like what we did in the previous video in ClickMagick (, make sure to put that section ID in your TRACKING link, NOT your destination URL. You will find this useful if you have multiple sections on your page and want your audience to navigate immediately to your ‘testimonials’, ‘about us’, ‘contact us’ section, and so on.

– Callout extensions: these are basic words or phrases that you can input that go below your ad description. You can say anything here that describes your business, maybe something like ‘uniquely tailored service’, or ‘100% money-back guarantee’.

– Structured snippet extensions: these allow you to describe what you are promoting in terms of a category. There is a select list of categories Google has, such as ‘destination’, or ‘types’, but when you select that, just input the different types of that category that your website contains!

– Call extensions: these allow the person seeing your ad to either immediately call you by clicking the ‘call’ button, or see your number displayed if on desktop.

– Message extensions: these allow the person to send you a text message instead of calling. By clicking the button, they will instantly receive a text message from you with a specific message that you can specify in the ad copy.

– Location extensions: these allow you to place an address at the bottom of your ad that opens up in Google maps once a customer clicks on it. This takes up more ad space and makes your ad more prominent, but also allows the client to immediately see where you are located!

– Affiliate location extensions: same thing as location extensions, but if you are selling a product for someone else, kind of like an… affiliate, then you can insert your address as well, but people will know that you are not the owner of the products you are selling.

– Price extensions: these allow you to compare prices across the items or products that you are selling. Especially useful if you are selling more than 1 product as it displays nicely for the customer to see. The price comparisons show just below your ad.

– App extensions: if you have a downloadable app related to your promotion, you can include it here so people can download it upon seeing your ad.

– Review extensions: you can include a review at the bottom of your ad with a paraphrased or exact quote from a trustworthy website. You cannot just put a good word in from a random website, and then use that as a review – Google will ensure that the review is coming from a reliable source.

– Automated extensions report: this includes a variety of different extensions that are automatically added at the bottom. For more information, see the video as there is no more space here. But they basically include information from extensions we already added, in addition to some new ones, like how many people visited your site.

That’s it!

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  1. Remember that creating the extensions is totally free – but you are charged exactly the same when someone clicks on them – so it can enhance your results by either getting your more good clicks… or more bad ones.

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