Google Ads: What Is the IF Function and How to Use It

Google Ads: What Is the IF Function and How to Use It

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Hey all!

In the previous videos, I went over the other 2 Google AdWords ad functions – the countdown function and the keyword insertion function.

You can find those 2 links by clicking here:

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In this video, I wanted to show you how to use the third and last AdWords function – the IF function. This function allows you to automatically show your ad differently to potential clients across two dimensions – device (mobile & desktop) and audience (remarketing list).

This function is also pretty straightforward and simple to use but yet extremely effective and time-saving.

Let’s start off with the device IF function. Depending on what message you want to show to people reading your ad from either a mobile or desktop device, you can set your message accordingly. So if you have a special offer that gives a 10% discount to people purchasing from a mobile device, rather than create one ad for mobile users only and another ad for desktop users only, you can create only one ad, but with the IF function.

So you can simply make the ad show up as ‘Get a 10% Discount Now’ for mobile viewers, and ‘Get It Now While It Lasts’ for desktop users – or something along those lines, but you get the idea.

You basically modify your text depending on where the potential customers are reading your ad from.

The same idea applies to the audience dimension.

In one of my previous videos on Google AdWords, I talked about how you can create a remarketing list/audience using the Google code.

=== Click here if you want to see this video: />
If you followed the steps and have an audience ready for you, you can alter the text exactly as you did for device.

So you can for instance make your ad show that you are giving a 10% discount to users who abandoned cart, and give a free trial to everyone else. Of course this will depend on what audiences you set up and what you want to do with it, but the option is there which saves you a lot of time on creating unnecessary ads.

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  1. Wow! Again you are the MAN! This is amazing! This will save me time and money. Can you do this on Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn and others. And again crazy lesson!!

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