Google AdWords Scheduling – How to schedule your Ad campaign

Google AdWords Scheduling – How to schedule your Ad campaign

How to set up Google AdWords Scheduling for your Ad Campaign.
This short video highlights the steps to creating a Google AdWords Schedule. Scheduling your Google Ad Campaigns will enable you to run your ads only when you want them to run. Additionally, it allows you to better analyze your Google AdWords data to increase the efficiency of your campaign.

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2 thoughts on “Google AdWords Scheduling – How to schedule your Ad campaign”

  1. Hey Rob, so if i am running my campaign in say US and another campaign in Australia, then the timings that you have shown will be US time on which the account is set, or google is smart enough to know that okay 8 am in Australia campaign which is set to show in australia only means Australian 8 am, not US! you got me?

  2. So is there a way for me to set specific ads, on and off with the ad scheduler? aside from having to go in an manually and toggle the enable button on/off?

    Like I have ads that say, “This Sunday at noon” and then, “Tomorrow at noon”, and then “today at noon” if that helps for context

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