GOOGLE ANALYTICS 4 Tutorial (2022) – Ultimate GA4 Beginner’s Guide

GOOGLE ANALYTICS 4 Tutorial (2022) – Ultimate GA4 Beginner’s Guide

Google Analytics 4 is the latest version of the Google Analytics platform that provides insights into your website traffic and helps you understand your customer’s behaviour.
Google Analytics 4 has been designed to provide a more streamlined and intuitive user experience, which should make it easier for you to get a better understanding of your data and act upon them.
Whether you’re already familiar with a previous version of Google Analytics and want to find out about GA4 or are a complete beginner, this tutorial is for you.
You’re going to learn how to set up and use Google Analytics 4 for your website, understand the basics of setting up a profile, tracking goals, understanding reports and much more.

0:00 Intro
1:05 Setting up a GA4 account
5:51 Installing GA4 on your website
6:57 Adding Google Tag Manager to your website
8:33 Adding Google Tag Manager to WordPress
9:34 Adding Google Tag Manager to Wix
9:56 Adding Google Tag Manager to Squarespace
13:12 Home screen report walkthrough
18:55 Real-time report
21:32 Life cycle reporting
22:19 Acquisition reports
23:20 Acquisition overview
24:40 User acquisition report
26:31 Traffic acquisition report
26:48 Engagement reports
27:21 Engagement report overview
28:54 Pages and screens
30:29 Events
31:15 Conversions
32:57 Monetization reports
34:43 Retention report
35:50 User reporting
36:47 Demographics report
38:29 Technology
39:17 Analysis Hub
41:54 Advertising Hub
42:25 Configuration Hub
43:00 Conversion Tracking
48:21 Conclusion


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10 thoughts on “GOOGLE ANALYTICS 4 Tutorial (2022) – Ultimate GA4 Beginner’s Guide”

  1. Hi. I did everything step by step and yet for some reason, when I say preview, it's saying not connected. I did it over 3 times…Not sure what's wrong. So now I have 3 tags. How do I remove or delete the duplicate tags? Can you help?

  2. any difference if we install plug in such as insight monster or site kit by google- would it have a negative performance on the website speed or is it better to use tag manager?

  3. Hi, i am new to google analytics. and data analysis as a whole, have no idea. i was trying to start my journey of learning google analytics, but when i tried to start the course, i have noticed that there are 2 versions of GA. AU and G4 if i am not mistaken i have noticed that the current GA certificate in coursera is AU. and AU is reaplacing by G4. my question is i am lost, Should I learn the old version? or should i ignore it and jump to G4 right away? and if i do that and start G4, How long will it take to learn? is it faster than the AU? should i need to know AU before considering G4? please help?

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