Google Analytics App + Web Properties // Getting Started // 2020 Tutorial

Google Analytics App + Web Properties // Getting Started // 2020 Tutorial

In this updated tutorial you will learn how to get started with Google Analytics App + Web Properties. You will walk-through the steps to create your new property and how you can begin collecting data into your reports.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the same as my previous tutorial covering App + Web Properties, but I have updated the video to cover the latest version of the setup steps.

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Reports in Google Analytics App + Web properties:
Global site tag (gtag.js): />


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10 thoughts on “Google Analytics App + Web Properties // Getting Started // 2020 Tutorial”

  1. Hi, nice video!! I'm wondering if GA web+app can be used to differentiate incoming traffics between App and Mobile site of a PWA project? Do we still need add another app stream instead of web stream only?

  2. Hey Ben…please see if you can help me…
    I have a website that was configured with common Analytics tag.
    My app is configured with web+app kind of property.
    I did the step by step GTM as you said but my realtime only shows app traffic and on admin on Data stream status from website says that I didn't received any data on the last 48 hours 🙁
    Any tips?
    I have an app that the user can buy a product thru app but it shows an "iframe" of my web e-commerce. I want to know how many users converted from app…
    Thanks a lot!

  3. Hello!
    Thanks so much for these amazing video tutorials. I have watched both videos and they are so satisfying.
    I have a quick question please. On my current Google analytics, I am tracking all transactions and they are reflecting correctly, but with this new Google Analytics, I can't seem to track my transactions. Can you please, enlighten me on this?

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