Google Analytics Tutorial – The Complete Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Tutorial For Beginners

Google Analytics Tutorial – The Complete Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Tutorial For Beginners

In this Google Analytics tutorial, you will walk through the steps to get up and running with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) which is the new version of Google Analytics. You will learn how to create an account and property, all about the reports, how to create your own custom exploration reports, configuration options, and how to install the GA4 tag using Google Tag Manager. This is the complete Google Analytics tutorial!

0:00 Introduction to what you will learn in this tutorial
1:07 Setting up a new Google Analytics account and property
8:08 How to check if you’re using Universal Analytics or not
9:19 Upgrading from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4
11:19 Setting up a data stream in Google Analytics 4
15:14 Overview of the reports in Google Analytics 4
18:43 Home report
19:56 Reports Snapshot report
21:24 Realtime report
24:14 Acquisition reports
27:55 Engagement reports
30:11 Monetization reports
31:56 Retention report
32:49 Demographics reports
34:32 Technology reports
36:34 Exploration reports
38:29 Examples of Exploration reports in Google Analytics 4
45:33 Advertising reports (for attribution)
48:29 Configuration options in Google Analytics 4
50:47 Enabling events as conversions in Google Analytics 4
51:29 Setting up conversions for specific pages
55:39 Audiences in Google Analytics 4
56:41 Custom definitions in Google Analytics 4
57:18 DebugView in Google Analytics 4
57:34 Administration options (the ‘Admin’ area)
59:21 Adding GA4 to your website using Google Tag Manager
1:00:01 Conclusion

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10 thoughts on “Google Analytics Tutorial – The Complete Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Tutorial For Beginners”

  1. Loving your content as always. Just as a side note (I actually shoot a bit of content), you might want to let your light 'wrap' around your face a little more, as the 'split lighting' effect is a little dramatic within the context of analytics 🙂 Or add a little bit of fill to your right hand side with a bounce board or something.

  2. This is a great tutorial!

    I'd like to use a report I created with ROAS that I see in my reports library and have it shared with my team as the scheduled email allows in UGA. How can I do this?

  3. Thanks for the great GA4 content. Have a question: My debug view in GA4 is registering over 4,000 devices. We implemented the debug view to = true in the GA4 config tag and had this issue. We changed it to false, still having the same problem. There aren't any articles online of people struggling with this issue. Any solutions suggested are appreciated.

  4. HI Benjamin! great tutorial!! :D. I have a question, If you don't mind hehe, do you know if there is any issue changing the tag manager/ google ads conversion setup to a new website? (we have to transfer the hosting and get a new domain for a client. Thank you!

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