Google Local Services Ads: Everything You Need to Know (Webinar) | Blue Corona

Google Local Services Ads: Everything You Need to Know (Webinar) | Blue Corona

Looking to learn more about Google’s latest pay per lead platform, Local Services Ads? During this 50 minute webinar, you’ll learn about:
– The evolution of paid advertising on Google.
– What Local Services ads are.
– The benefits of Local Services ads and why they matter.
– Real world client results.
– How to apply for Local Services ads.

Google AdWords (now Google Ads) first launched in October 2000 and quickly began evolving it’s platform. In the year 2000, paid ads on Google included one to two ads located above the organic search results, with more ads (three to five or sometimes even seven ads) in the right sidebar area. Fast forward to 2015, and Google made two major updates to the way paid advertisements display on search engine results pages. First, it killed ads located in the sidebar area and then expanded the number of paid ads found at the top of the page. The two ad positions located at the top of search results expanded to three or four ads, depending on the users’ search query.

Local Services (formerly “Home Services ads”) is a paid advertising platform owned and operated by Google. It first began as a beta test in the San Francisco area in 2015. Unlike traditional pay per click ads (PPC), Local Services is a pay per lead platform. What this means is instead of paying to send searchers to your website per each click (PPC), companies investing in Local Services ads instead only pay Google a fee when a customer actually calls them. Unlike PPC advertising through Google Ads where advertisers must bid in an auction on relevant products and services to their business, Local Services triggers ads based on a preselected “job categories” or “job types.” Additionally, Local Services ads also trigger based on a searcher’s physical location compared to preselected zip codes entered into the Local Services platform by each advertiser.

Google Guaranteed – All Local Services advertisers are required to apply for the platform through an extensive application process. This includes business license and insurance verification by Google. In addition to the license and insurance verifications, the business owner must pass an employment background check through Pinkerton, Google’s preferred risk management provider. Each employee entering the homes of customers are also required to pass a background check by Pinkerton before a business is approved for Local Services. Once these are complete, companies receive the Google Guarantee badge, a notice to searches that this company was vetted and meets Google’s standards for home service contractors. The Google Guarantee badge serves as an authority and trust builder between advertisers and consumers.

Benefits of Local Services ads – Google’s Local Services ads are beneficial for many reasons.
– Local Services ads occupy the most sought after real estate on Google’s search results (the top of the page)! This is applicable on both desktop search and mobile search.
– Companies approved for Local Services are automatically added to Google Assistant’s search index.
– The Google Guarantee badge is an authority and trust builder with consumers.
– Companies have the ability to dispute leads and get a refund from Google for bad leads (leads generated from outside of their preselected zip codes or the incorrect job categories).

Results – On average, our clients at Blue Corona generate between 20 – 120 verified leads per month, at a cost per lead between $18 – 40.

Application Process – While the application process for Local Services ads are well worth the time and investment required, below is an outline of the process, along with timelines to complete the application process.
– Sign up for Local Services uses Google’s web form (1-2 business days to hear a response from Google).
– Google verifies eligibility of Local Services in the applicant’s market (3 days to hear a response from Google).
– Create your Local Services profile, create ads, and get verified and background checked (approximately 2-6 weeks)
– Google approved (approximately 3-7 weeks total to complete + 90 day background check submission period)

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