Google Tag Manager Tutorial // Lesson 2 // Adding Tags with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager Tutorial // Lesson 2 // Adding Tags with Google Tag Manager

Learn how to add additional tags to your website using Google Tag Manager. This is lesson two of our Google Tag Manager series, where we will add a Google Ads Remarketing tag, a Google Optimize tag, and a Facebook Pixel.

○ Google Optimize tutorial –
○ Adding the Universal Analytics tag – />○ Google Optimize anti-flicker snippet – />○ Google Tag Manager course (paid) –

○ Part 1: Getting started –
○ Part 3: Preview and test tags –
○ Part 4: Migrating to GTM –
○ Part 5: Tracking conversions –
○ Part 6: Clicks, buttons, and forms –
○ Part 7: Bonus tips and resources –

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10 thoughts on “Google Tag Manager Tutorial // Lesson 2 // Adding Tags with Google Tag Manager”

  1. Hi, thank you so much for these videos. I tried setting up GTM before and the conversion tracking went horribly wrong and my ads and analytics started recording thousands of page views as purchase/order conversions. I shut down GTM and reverted to manual code.
    Now you have given me the confidence to try again, thank you!!
    Question – I want to specifically track "course purchase conversions" from google ad clicks (view through conversions if possible) so should I add the 'Conversion Linker' tag to only the 'course pages' trigger or should I still go for 'All Pages'? I feel this is where I messed up last time so very wary of having all blogs and advice pages start recording conversions even when they don't have checkout options on them.

  2. Hey Benjamin super useful video
    If we set up the tag (2nd step) with the gtm (3d option) like you did but we set as a trigger a 'click' or 'submit' action, then what we need to send to our developer to implement it on the submission of a form? Just the Conversion Id and Label?

  3. Hi @lovesdata thanks for this super informative material! I have one question, though. You have spoken about how to add the FB pixel to Google Tag Manager by copying and paste the basic code. However, how do I have to do if I want to specifically see different events like "purchase" or "add to cart", etc?
    At the moment I have them set with the specific code in my website, however I'd like to migrate to the Google Tag Manager system.


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