GrooveFunnels Review – Unusable Page Builder?

GrooveFunnels Review – Unusable Page Builder?

Want to learn if GrooveFunnels is right for you or not? Take a look at my honest GrooveFunnels review here! No BS and no promo links will be used so you know it’s 100% legitimate.

I used 10+ landing and funnel builders before in my 4 years of doing online marketing… so I definitely know what specific things to look for in a page builder. I even show you live examples from an inside look at the platform.

Table of contents:

0:00 – Introduction
2:02 – 1st review point
5:32 – 2nd review point
11:06 – 3rd review point

I divide this review into 3 sections, which I believe are most important for an affiliate marketer – the landing page/funnel builder capability, email and autoresponder capability or integration, and support.

Let’s start off with the first and in my opinion most important point in this GrooveFunnels review.

Part 1: Page builder capability

To cut straight to the chase, the builder is extremely buggy and extremely frustrating to work with.

I wouldn’t use this even if was free because it’s just incredibly annoying to work with.

Some things don’t work and bug out and you don’t have as much control as you would like with a page builder.

The amount of elements you can add and element edit options are intimidating – definitely not as simple as ClickFunnels.

I also gave you some examples of trying to place elements in certain places and it being difficult to do so.

For someone who wants the most amount of control on a page and being able to do so quickly, GrooveFunnels is definitely not the right solution.

But let’s go on to the next part of this GrooveFunnels review.

Part 2: Email/autoresponder capability and integration

Sending out emails does indeed work, but it’s a pain in the butt to work with.

Let’s look at 3rd part integrations first.

You can definitely create an optin form and use a third party integration with it, but it’s very very tedious to set up and the form initially provided is extremely unedited. This means you have to go in there and actually make a LOT of changes to your optin field and button – way more than you would with ClickFunnels or any other page builder.

With other page builders, you’re usually given a fairly good-looking form that you need to make minor changes to. With this form, you feel a bit handicapped as you have to go in and play around with a LOT of options to make it look the way you want it to.

If you’re using the default GrooveFunnels email autoresponder, then the issue is that you have to create and use their form using HTML or JavaScript.

Issue with this is that the form is EXTREMELY limited with what you can and can’t edit.

So you really just have to use the code and then hire a developer to change it up for you to make it appear the way you want it to.

Otherwise you can’t change the button or the input field text at all, nor the styling of it, which I’m sure a lot of people trying to design their page the way they want it to look like won’t appreciate.

It’s also a pain actually adding the email optin form to your page builder and they make it more complicated than it really has to be.

Let’s look at the final part of this GrooveFunnels review.

Part 3: Support

The support is “there” but they don’t know how to do anything with GrooveFunnels at all.

They send you to YouTube videos if you have any questions and don’t answer any more questions than that.

They send you to the “higher” team if you ask anything AFTER saying you watched the video. Even if you don’t do what the video explicitly tells you to do, the reps are supposed to tell you that you aren’t following instructions and to correct you.

But they don’t and instead keep senidng you more videos and say they will have to contact the higher-up support.

What then is the point of having support in the first place if I can find the YouTube videos myself?

I think GrooveFunnels is greatly overhyped and are jacks of all trades, master of none.

They are trying to be just like ClickFunnels and to keep bringing in more money by getting people to pay for their lifetime $1400 plan… but this really isn’t worth it and I honestly don’t believe they’ll ever get out of “Beta”.

And this is my GrooveFunnels review!

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