Guide to Facebook CBO Ad Scaling & Bidding in 2020 ($0 to $28,000 in TWO WEEKS!)

Guide to Facebook CBO Ad Scaling & Bidding in 2020 ($0 to $28,000 in TWO WEEKS!)

In this video I teach you the guide to facebook CBO scaling and bidding techniques specifically facebook campaign budget optimisation (CBO) techniques in 2019 and 2020. This method made me $0 to $28000 on facebook ads 2019 in TWO WEEKS!

If you want to know how to know how to scale your facebook dropshipping shopify ads, Instagram ads or how to sell your product in 2019 and also 2020, then this video is for you.

I teach you the exact strategies to teach you how to build your facebook ads and shopify store traffic from $0 to $28,000 in TWO WEEKS through a guide to facebook CBO scaling and bidding in 2019 2020 with the 2019 instagram and facbook ads algorithm in mind to super charge your ecommerce store growth.


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10 thoughts on “Guide to Facebook CBO Ad Scaling & Bidding in 2020 ($0 to $28,000 in TWO WEEKS!)”

  1. GREAT cool to see the hard evidence, thank you! You mentioned setting up for conversions, but were your ad sets optimized for purchases? Or was it conversions and I’m blind. My conversions are usually around $2

  2. Can any help me with my cbo campaign? I want to scale my successful ads sets and increase the budget am I am to do this in same campaign or do I need to make a new campaign all together?

  3. In this video CBO Gave you a lot more accurate users. Just with 327 unique click gave you already 4k7 in return. While manually doing it yourself take more than 2000 click (amost 8 times) but with less purchase and just a 500USD more in revenue. CBO won clearly

  4. At first, I thought: Although the bidding strategy that built out on the ad set level produces higher conversions, I'd rather pay Facebook to optimize for me so I don't waste time testing out ads. But then I realized it would still cost me more in the long run to A/B test CBO rather than just implementing the bid strategy myself.

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