Here’s The Deal With Exploding Topics

Here’s The Deal With Exploding Topics

Check out Exploding Topics:

So I recently launched a free SEO tool called Exploding Topics. This tool is designed to help you find trending topics for blog posts, YouTube videos, podcasts… or any other type of content that you create.

I recently realized that I sort of launched this thing out of nowhere. So in this video I decided to talk about the backstory of how this tool came to be. Enjoy!

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11 thoughts on “Here’s The Deal With Exploding Topics”

  1. I don't think the design is great whatsoever. It is very simple but not in the best way… Maybe I'm just a dumb person but: I cannot filter, or having like a list of the trends based on the number of visits. And there are topics that has 60 views and it's trending, now 60 without a "k" means 60 views, or something else? Why a topic with 60 views is next to a 60k ( with a k) one?

  2. HI Brian, loved the video! I've been following you for a long time and in fact, got inspired to make my own youtube channel, Klean Fit. Since i'm still exploring different ways of creating better content, i'd love to know what software you use for your video editing and animation? Your videos are quite engaging and love the editing part of it, would love to learn more!

  3. Hello, Brian! Nice content as always! I have a question: If I have idea for a project and designer and programmer from my side, are you open for collaboration? As you may guess we will do all the work, you will only give us advice!

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