How Adam Is Making £80,000 A Month With SMMA

How Adam Is Making £80,000 A Month With SMMA

🤑 How Adam Is Making £80,000 A Month With His Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA)
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In today’s video, I am joined by Affluent Academy member Adam Power.

Since the last interview with Adam, he has managed to scale his agency PwrdMedia from £10,000 to an astonishing £80,000 per month.

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9 thoughts on “How Adam Is Making £80,000 A Month With SMMA”

  1. Loving these videos very inspiring, I was going to start up my agency in 2019 but gave up on my first rejection but know I'm picking my self back up and starting my research to refresh myself and will be looking at joining the affluent academy sometime next year.

  2. This is by far the most mature convo you’ve had on here, so many golden nuggets in here. Get back some of your old students who have since scaled to this level for interviews!

  3. Hi Jordan,
    The program seems quite promising. I was quite interested and I even booked a call with one of your consultants which was quite unprofessionally cancelled not even a minute before the call. This was extremely disappointing. Especially given the time difference and the fact that I stayed up for the call and was looking forward to it.
    I had no prior messages from your team and they didn't even care to respond to my email. So, I had to come here and express myself

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