How I Did Over $80k In 1 month with Shopify Dropshipping (Case Study)

How I Did Over $80k In 1 month with Shopify Dropshipping (Case Study)

⭐️How I Did Over 80k in 1 month with shopify dropshipping (Case Study)

In this case study video I breakdown exactly how I was able to do over $80k within 1 month using shopify dropshipping. I go in depth and reveal the winning product, ad strategy, profit sheet, and more! If you liked the video please don’t forget to leave a like 🙂


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I’m a 20-year old entrepreneur and student of business. Within my first year of e-commerce, I launched over 10 different e-commerce brands and Dropshipping stores, some of which exceeding the six-figure revenue mark within months of operation. My dream is to continue running my own businesses, and help as many people reach their dreams as I possibly can.

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10 thoughts on “How I Did Over $80k In 1 month with Shopify Dropshipping (Case Study)”

  1. He’s the only youtuber who has ever shown his sales page 👍 There’s a store called Just Strong which looks like it started from nothing, but are killing it now ..I think mainly from influencers, affiliates and reviews. Which method do you get most of your sales from?

  2. unsubscribed. this is a horrible video from the beginning. if you have a 1.8 feedback score you are a horrible business. selling crap and ripping ppl off to make a quick buck. learn from someone who knows how to build a sustainable business. now there are tons more ppl that will not purchase online because of the experience you provided. another young kid ripping ppl off

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