How I Launched My Amazon Business! (Full Walkthrough)

How I Launched My Amazon Business! (Full Walkthrough)

How I launched my Amazon business and did over $250,000 in revenue my very first year! Check out Travis’ Passion Product Formula here:

Thank you to @Travismarziani for helping out in this video:
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0:00 Intro
1:07 Ways to sell on Amazon
4:33 What is a passion Product
6:05 Product Idea
7:40 Build a Tribe
9:26 Product Design
12:37 Crowd Funding
14:26 Product Promotion
15:31 Manufacturing and Delivery
17:01 Shipping to Customers
18:15 Launching on Amazon
19:37 Cheat Code
20:27 Final Words

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10 thoughts on “How I Launched My Amazon Business! (Full Walkthrough)”

  1. Few things:

    1) This is the walkthrough step-by-step how I did it all. It does not cover all my mistakes and hardships along the way, so make sure you look at my other videos for that!

    2) Let me know in the comments how you like me sharing my business. I'm so damn busy with the business I think it would naturally be the best type of content I can do right now!

    3) Thanks again to Travis for helping out with this video! If you want to check out his passion product formula ill leave a link to it here:

  2. This is an amazing video! I think you sparked something in my head! Important question, how did you keep your product and idea from being stolen or duplicated? Iā€™m scared if I have an idea that it will get stolen or copied by someone who has all the support and money compared to me that would start from the bottom. šŸ˜…

  3. Hi AJ, thanks for your sharing and it helped answer some of my questions.
    One thing a about lablel. Can i purchase label on GS1 then send it directly to my manufacturer so they can put them on my product before shipping to my address?
    Hope to hear from you !

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