How I made $1.5 Million in only 90 DAYS on Shopify

How I made $1.5 Million in only 90 DAYS on Shopify

In this video, I share my step-by-step process for generating over $1.5M in 95 days with 1 Shopify store.

See, we can share screenshots and brag all day long, but in reality, scaling so fast to such a high level is not an easy task. There are many things that can go wrong, and a few things that MUST go right.

In this video, I share all the lessons I learned, so you can use them as well on your way to your first $1M with dropshipping/eCommerce.

Hope you enjoy it!

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10 thoughts on “How I made $1.5 Million in only 90 DAYS on Shopify”

  1. Are you still doing everything alone? What was your end profit after paying all your VAs and Ad companies, you dont count all these when you talk about your profitability…$450 dollar product is electronics, it needs ton of support, did you do that alone?
    You tell all the boring stuff.

  2. Hi, I have the same issue. 16 sales 💰Facebook tracked on 3. Can u please 🙏🏾give me information of the coder who fixed your tracking issue

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