How I TRIPLED My Amazon Sales This Week!

How I TRIPLED My Amazon Sales This Week!

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I tried out a few techniques to increase my sales for Amazon FBA. Hopefully you could pick something up from these new techniques and increase your Amazon FBA sales as well.

1. New Main Photo

I really am not satisfied with my main photo. I hired someone to create a computer rendered image, and it turned out well. One of the main reasons why the main image is important is because when someone is searching for a product, you need your main image to stand out from the rest.

2. Review Paid Ads

Setting up your PPC (also known as sponsored products) is one of the important things you could do for Amazon. Once in a while, you should review them and see how they’re going. Once you download your report, you would get to see what are the keywords that people are looking for.

3. Add Keywords

Here is where you’ll add your results from your PPC report. You add in the positive keywords so you can show up for the keywords potential customers have searched for. You would want to think outside the box as well. Think of all the different keywords you would want to show up for.

4. Hire A Copywriter

Rather than just do it myself, I decided to hire a copywriter to edit my product’s listing. One of the main things she did was she focused on the benefits of my products and not the features.

5. Systematize Reviews

The first thing I did to get more reviews is to sign up for SellerLabs and FeedbackGenius. What FeedbackGenius does is it sends out an email after someone buys your product to give back a review. This next tip is a grey area and I don’t really recommend this but you could have people you meet buy your product and leave a review then just Venmo or PayPal them the payment.

6. Coupon Stack

A coupon stack is located at the bottom of your listing. What this does is it tells your customers that they get a certain percent off if they buy more products. This will in turn tell Amazon that you’re selling more and would put your product listing higher up the search results.

7. Better All Images

My photos are old I’ll need take some new ones. I’ll also need to create a comparison photo where I’ll be comparing my product to other brands.

8. Grow Your Network

This is the one tip that I did this week that I want you to do as well. Grow your network and friend base. Find people who are experts in your field or have the same interests as you and help each other grow. Remember, you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

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