How Robin Went From $0-$10k Per Month With His SMMA Using Video Outreach

How Robin Went From $0-$10k Per Month With His SMMA Using Video Outreach

💸 How Robin Went From $0-$10k Per Month With His SMMA Using Video Outreach (Affluent Academy SMMA Success Interview)

In today’s video, I am joined by Affluent Academy member Robin Bouwman. Since joining the Affluent Academy, in less than 10 months Robin has managed to scale his agency from $0-$10,000 per month!

In this interview, Robin walks us through his strategy behind SMMA outreach and how he signs new SMMA clients.

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10 thoughts on “How Robin Went From $0-$10k Per Month With His SMMA Using Video Outreach”

  1. lol where did you get shirt Jordan? I see it says Maharishi which means "super sage" in Hindi hahah, suitably fits haha… Anyway, great interview. I am myself in the Netherlands but I am a masters student and do not know dutch. The language barrier seems like a huge roadblock to me. Any advise?

  2. I've started SMMA less than a month, and I'm trying to get my first client.
    I have to say, it's VERY difficult to get your first client!! Especially when you have to get one ONLINE (Since where I live, there are hardly any business owners)
    Anyone else struggling with the same issue, or struggled with it and overcame it?
    Please share any tips, knowledge or resources you may have.
    I would appreciate the help :')

  3. Wow such a valuable videos..I love it.
    Please I have question I mind.
    Am an eCommerce agency owner I live in West Africa.
    I can't work with Businesses in Africa becuase Africans don't believe in online shopping and hate buying online.
    So I wish to work with USA eCommerce stores.
    The problem am facing is many USA eCommerce don't like to me because am from Africa even when I try to hide my identity they will still discover becuase when speaking I don't have the ascent of a USA citizen.
    Any tips for me I will be happy to hear from you 😊

  4. Hey jordan just got a question for you .
    Will 15 min agency book be shipped during this pandemic or not? And just out of curiosity will that be shipped to india ?

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