How She Signed Two Digital Marketing Clients In One Day

How She Signed Two Digital Marketing Clients In One Day

In this video I interview Lefty, who signed up two digital marketing clients just two weeks after launching her social media marketing agency. We discuss how she did it and the impact it’s had on her life.

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10 thoughts on “How She Signed Two Digital Marketing Clients In One Day”

  1. Is this really legit?
    Because i am a college student and i hate it. I do not want to be in debt at all. Also, my parents won’t let me leave so I’m basically miserable. Do i need college or can i do these “online marketing business” like drop shipping and face book ads?

  2. Her goal is 100k per month? Jordan said in one of his recent videos that he's earning around 70k per month. Well… I'll just leave it at that.

  3. I sent a single Cold DM on a restaurant owner and got a meeting the following day.

    Yesterday i sent another Cold DM and got the business owner really interested in setting up a meeting

  4. aI needed this I am in the process of outreaching potential clients and I was so scared I might get underestimated as a woman of color,,,, Thank you Jordan,, you are a blessing honestly.

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