How to Add a YouTube Tab to Your Facebook Page

How to Add a YouTube Tab to Your Facebook Page

Want to add a YouTube tab to your Facebook page?

Well this video is for you!

In this quick video, I show you how to add a YouTube tab to your Facebook page.

This is an awesome little addition to your page that allows you to share your YouTube channel on your Facebook page and make it known that you even have one.

It’s really simple to do, so let’s take the following steps:

(1) Log in to your Facebook account and type in “YouTube” in the search.

Head over to the “pages” tab and click on the page called “YouTube tab”.

Click on “Use app”, select your page you want to combine this with, and click on “Add page tab”.

Give it a few seconds to load and you should see the new YouTube tab on your Facebook page!

(2) Now you just have to integrate YouTube with Facebook by adding your YouTube channel ID into the blanks that Facebook provides.

So click on the little profile icon in your YouTube account, select “Settings”, go to “Advanced Settings”, and copy the channel ID provided there.

Paste that ID back into Facebook and that’s pretty much it – you have now successfully integrated YouTube with your Facebook page!

(3) If you want to edit and organize your tabs now, you can click on “Edit Page Info” at the top of the Facebook page, select the “Templates and Tabs” tab, and rearrange your tabs as you see fit.

If you then want to delete this YouTube tab from your Facebook page, simply click on “Settings” next to the YouTube tab, and then “hide” tab. You can also delete the tab entirely if you no longer want it to show up.

That’s it!

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