How To Advertise on Instagram

How To Advertise on Instagram

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In this video I’m going to show you to advertise on Instagram in the way you advertise on Instagram the paid advertising is actually through Facebook and I did a whole I think 30 minute video on how to advertise on Facebook but in this version I’m just going to show you really quick how you can do it a little recap and this is specifically if you’re only trying to advertise on Instagram and you don’t want to advertise on Facebook. So as a reminder Instagram is actually owned by Facebook. So that’s why you have to use the Facebook Ads manager. So the first tip is if you don’t have a Facebook account sign up for a Facebook account sign up for ads manager make sure that your Facebook and your Instagram are linked together do all that and then once you’ve done all that let’s go in here and I’ll show you how to do it. So the first thing you have to do is create a campaign and we’re going to make this easy words can do a send people to your website campaign a few of these other ones work is well for Instagram posts but like I said let’s just make it easy campaign name test Instagram all right. So I’m going to quickly do this let’s say I wanted to target united people in the United States women from just as a I don’t know let’s say to because that’s probably the people that are actually buying my item dance clothing. So and then I want to say people that that like my competitors dancer solutions and discount dance are two of my big competitors and people that are interested and then people that have like them on Facebook probably would also like my products. So right now we have women thirty to fifty that have that like dance wear solutions and discount dance supply add connection type autumn it. So we’re going to edit placements here. So this is the key part of the video if you only want watch one part. So platforms get rid of Facebook and get rid of Audience Network. So it’s only Instagram and we’ll set the budget link clicks etc. add set name continue. So there we go that’s like the bulk of how you do the ad let’s finish it off really quickly here. So we can click images I can upload images as well let’s just say this is just an image I have randomly on my desktop I wouldn’t use this as an ad but this is a picture of my mom who I 1:1 my business with cutting some fabric. So I’m just using that temporary it’s not even the correct dimensions these are the dimensions that they want you to use though I feel like for Instagram it might be different let’s see here. So let’s look at the place with a preview. So that’s what the ad would look like. So you know if I were to do this properly I might have some text here and say dance clothing handmade in the USA actually this is kind of a good image it was just kind of random that I had this-this is kind of a cool image and it might capture some people’s attention I’d put the website URL here. So might put dance clothing dancer handmade clothing you know and you can fill out this text that corresponds down here go all the way through and then when you’re done place the order I’m not going to do it because I don’t want to advertise on Instagram right now in the future that’s something I will look at but this is obvious I just threw this up as an example. So that is it if you guys have any questions every week I answer ecommerce related questions if you have any questions please leave it in the comments down below and don’t forget to check out my free complete ecommerce Success Pack every time I have something cool that I think I want to share with people such as checklist on how to get your store up and running different marketing ideas all that kind of stuff I do that I put that all in the Success Pack and I don’t know where my face is going to be but I think it’s going to be like right up in this upper your upper right corner. So click up there and you’ll you can get that Success Pack but once again if you have any questions or anything you want to know about Ecommerce please leave it in the comments down below and thank you for watching this video.
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