How to Become a Social Media Manager with No Experience (Entrepreneur Tips)

How to Become a Social Media Manager with No Experience (Entrepreneur Tips)

If you’re wondering how to become a social media manager with no experience, take it from me – it can be done! I’m here to give you some entrepreneur tips today on how you can start your dream social media marketing career without experience.

It’s hard to believe that just 3 years ago, I was working as a dental hygienist cleaning teeth all day. Crazy, right?

So much has changed since then. I started my own business, pivoted that business a few times over, and now work with legendary entrepreneurs all over the world to help them build their brands and lead their movements.

But how did I go from being a 9-5er in a dental office to owning my own social media marketing business full time? Check out today’s video to learn more about my story, and how you can make your dream career a reality… no matter how much time you’ve spent in the field!

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10 thoughts on “How to Become a Social Media Manager with No Experience (Entrepreneur Tips)”

  1. Awesome video! I have a small opportunity to get my foot in the door of media managing for a friend of a friend, and this really helped motivate me to do so. Thank you!

  2. Thanks love this. Really needed to listen to this i am a new bee stepping into social media career. Please suggest how much one should ideally charge for their very first content creation?

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